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Melarase Vs. Obagi for Dark Spots on the Legs?

I want to choose between Obagi and Melarase for dark spots on the legs. Which one will lighten up my dark spots below my knees. READ MORE

How many times do I use Melarase a day for my dark spots?

I have dark spots on my scars and want to use Melarase for the darkness. How many times do i use the cream per day and how long will it take for the scar to disappear. READ MORE

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Patients are so happy with the Miradry treatment. Congratulations. READ COMMENT

Arnica, bromelain, or SwellX will help the bruising and swelling. READ COMMENT

There are excellent options for numbing the skin during the Miradry treatment. We use a numbing solution, a Zimmer Cryofreeze, and ice packs in addition to tumescent. READ COMMENT

In the United States, Miradry has been FDA approved for hyperhidrosis. Many of our patients have noticed an improvement in odor and this continues to be very promising as a long term treatment for that pending approval by the FDA. READ COMMENT