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Treatment Review

Switched to Sculptra from Radiesse


1 Mar 2017, Updated 4 days ago

About 3 weeks post injections video update to show the angles/etc. I am thorough, so there are numerous updates to share!!! :) I don't think the series of photos really show the progress in my face so I will be adding video updates. READ MORE

Perfect Improvement! Radiesse Nasolabial Folds Filler - Darien, CT

I was unhappy with some signs of aging and pinned down a root cause of what was aging all of the other young looking features on my face. So I narrowed it down to the nasolabial folds, which I read start to emerge in the mid-20's. I went into have a consultation and immediately got a sense of trust. Dr. knew excellent techniques to keep the area from bruising, icing area well before doing the... READ MORE

More Than Excellent, Well Worth Every Penny! - West Orange, NJ

Dr Eric Joseph completely transformed my nose to the perfect nose I always envisioned having through many years of my life. All previous reviews that I read online led me to meet and trust in Dr. Joseph and I am thankful that those reviews existed; so I feel more than happy to leave one of my own for those considering surgery of any kind to improve their overall appearance. The entire... READ MORE

Questions from KEWtieKye

Is there any correction surgical or otherwise for aniscoria?

About 7 years ago a large rock flung at my eye and damaged my iris. Since my pupils have not dilated the same and are always uneven. Sometimes this causes sensitivity in the... READ MORE

How long after Radiesse should I wait to inject Sculptra at the same site?

I had a Radiesse treatment done Sept 2016 and the results have started to fade at this point. I was seeking to replace with Sculptra because of it's longer lasting results that... READ MORE

In younger patients is Sculptra optimal result sooner? I'm 30 years old and had my first ever treatment of Sculptra.

He injected 1 vial through cheeks and ns folds. I loved the swelling but of course I know that goes away due to it being water swelling in the beginning. Will my optimal result... READ MORE

Would drinking Dirty Lemon Skin and Nails help boost collagen production even more and enhance results of Sculptra?

I just had Sculptra injected a week ago. Any advice on Dirty Lemon products in conjunction with the Sculptra? Will this help boost my collagen production even more if I consume... READ MORE

Would massaging Sculptra make Radiesse vanish?

I just got Sculptra and Dr told me to massage areas especially nsl folds where I had it injected and where Radiesse had previously been injected 6 months ago. Would doing this... READ MORE

Recent comments from KEWtieKye

I hope all is alright now. I just had Sculptra injected 4 weeks ago, had Radiesse 6 months ago...what kind of problems are you having? READ COMMENT

Too late....I am 31, just got this done in cheeks nsl folds four weeks ago...i don't see much of a result thus far tho.... READ COMMENT

I know how this is...i sleep on sides and my nasolabial folds have gotten deeper on one side vs the other bc of sleeping on my right side often :( proof sleep position really affects READ COMMENT

I got mine approx three weeks back wondering same READ COMMENT

That is great! I did Sculptra a little over three weeks ago...impatient for my results to start showing up :) :) I had one vial in my NSL folds and in cheeks....crossing fingers for good results :) Would you consider adding photos? READ COMMENT