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I agree!! There are a lot of things that go into the cost. I have to explain also for ladies going abroad that sometimes the exchange rate is more favorable than others, that's why prices can fluctuate. READ COMMENT

Belinda my surgeon was Alfredo Meza in Cuernavaca, for me the size was perfect, I'll try to message you. READ COMMENT

That article was interesting to me because I had no idea so many US doctors were not board certified!! But no, the anesthesiologist is a very important part of the surgery. I would do it with twilight surgery at very least. READ COMMENT

$4000 in Cuernavaca, Mexico but that includes everything. 270 cc round moderate projection silicone implants. READ COMMENT

Yes it is best to go with doctors who are board certified where they practice, it doesn't cost much more. Although this is a bit confusing, your doctor practices in Arizona and also in Tijuana?? READ COMMENT