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The "replace every 3 mos." option is a retainer program from Invisalign. They sennd you a new retainer (they claim the retainers need to be replaced or over time teeth can still move) at the cost of around $300/ea. I told my ortho I... READ COMMENT

Fantastic pictures! Your teeth look great! I just started invisalign one month ago and also have experienced little to no pain. READ COMMENT

I'm glad you had grest results! I was wondering, I know you said you had the permanent wire put in behind your top teeth. But what are you using for the lowers? I am getting the wire for my lowers but wasn't sure what to do for the... READ COMMENT

I agree that your dentist should have been upfront about the cost of the retainer. I would ask him what your other options are or else go to an ortho and get a retainer made. I plan on getting a permanent retainer for my teeth when I'm... READ COMMENT

Yes, if you opt for the invisalign retainer. There are other retainer options including permanent retainers. Maybe you should have gone to an ortho that could make you a retainer, not a dentist. READ COMMENT