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16 Year Old Wanting to Get a Fairly Complicated Rhinoplasty in a Few Months?

I turned 16 august 8th, the way my deviated septum is also makes my lips slightly asymetrical. I also have a hump and wave as well as a bulbous tip and fairly large nostrils. I... READ MORE

Will Nose Stay Straight After Rhinoplasty?

My nose has grown to be off center and crooked since i was probably 5. If I was to undergo rhinoplasty to make my nose on center and straight would it KEEP the shape? I read... READ MORE

Will Spreader Grafts Prevent Bones and Cartilage from Shifting?

Correction of the Crooked Nose Using Custom-Made High-Density Porous Polyethylene Extended Spreader Grafts? I found this in an article while reading online about my condition.... READ MORE

Otoplasty & Rhinoplasty Done Together. Pros and Cons?

Hello Doctors! Firstly I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my concern and address it. I am a 17 year old male ( 18 in august ) who is undergoing both of these... READ MORE

If I Am Already Quoted for Surgery on Correcting my Nose, How Much Will Adding Another Small Fix Be?

For example, I want my hump removed, septum straightened, tip rotated and refined. lets say thats 8,000. What if i also wish to do something with my hanging columella ( i am... READ MORE

Are there any cons assosicated with such a "full" rhinoplasty?

Fairly soon, (next month or so) I am getting my Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty Procedures done. On my nose, specifically, I am getting septoplasty to straight my deviated septum, as... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Question?

Hey, I would like to know how to communicate this to my surgeon on my last meeting before my surgery. I drew pictures to explain. I want to say " I want the bottom part of the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Bulbous Tip? (photo)

Hello, I am getting Rhinoplasty soon and I wanted to ask something. First off I am getting a number of things corrected ( you will see in the photo) but I need help explain a... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help my Eyebrows Grow? Can I Do Anything to Make Them Grow Where They Didnt Before?

I am not looking for a semi permanent solution like Latisse. I am wondering if there's anything that can help regrow and perhaps encourage growth in places there wasn't eyebrow... READ MORE

Deviated Septum Cartilage (Lower Part) Effecting Nostril, Etc? (photo)

Basically the lower part of the my septum where the cartilage is is all messed up. Im getting my nose fixed with a septo-rhinoplasty to address this, I am just curious as to... READ MORE

10 Days Post OP Septorhinoplasty. Not Very Happy with Results? (photo)

I had my Septorhinoplasty procedure done on thursday April 25th, I was always unhappy with my nose. It was crooked in the lower 1/3rd and my nostril was exposed on the left due... READ MORE

Otoplasty - Ear Going Back to Original Shape Slightly? (photo)

I noticed recently upper-outter portion of my right ear is moving back to the shape it was previous. Although it is a slight change I am going to get in contact with my surgeon... READ MORE

I am considering a mentoplasty and I have a two questions. 1) Fixation 2) Implant

Hey there Is fixating an implant with a titanium screw a common practice? I have seen videos of many Drs insisting it's the only way to prevent "micromovement" which causes the... READ MORE

Vertical Height via Chin Implant. I am considering the Vertical Lenghtening Implant by ImplantTech

I have a moderately weak chin. I DO NOT wish to undergone a sliding genioplasty. I know the main goal of a chin implant is for lateral projection. However I also desire 5mm of... READ MORE

Custom Chin Implant vs Stock?

How much more expensive is a custom implant? I've seen people saying it's like 20k. Does a custom implant really add 15k to the average chin augmentation? Seems insanely off to... READ MORE

Where can I find implant specific before and after photos for the chin? (photo)

I am wanting to find before and after photos for the Vertical Lengthening Chin Implant by ImplantTech. However, I can't seem to find any and the photo of the implant on the... READ MORE

Jaw/Chin Angle & Chin Implants

I want a 5mm increase in vertical height (in addition to projection) Since the chin isn't on a perfectly horizontal line. From what I can see on myself, it's closer to a 45... READ MORE

What can be achieved with a custom chin implant?

I've talked several doctors and had a few consults. The general opinion on me seems to be either a sliding genioplasty or a custom chin implant. But I dislike the idea of a SG.... READ MORE

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How come some people are saying its 16 for girls and 18 for guys but others are saying its 14 for girls and 16 for guys...this is all very confusing. how do you know if your face is finished growing? READ COMMENT