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chin implant in 1994, removed in 2012... its not always for life!

I had an implant placed in 1994. I did it in secret, so had no support to fall back on. It was tough. I was only 18 and full of anxiety about what might happen should something go wrong. The consultants were part of a clinic and had prepped the chin area once a fortnight with creams and steam and massage, etc. I have to say this clinic was the worst aspect of the whole thing. They were... READ MORE

Questions from squarebull

Can I Have my Chin Implant Adjusted with a Screw Put In?

Had the implant 16 years ago. its silicone. I am wanting to take up karate and worried it might shift if it gets a knock (even though i would wear a face guard) do you think... READ MORE

My 18 Year Old Chin Implant Has Recently Felt Harder and Less Pliable, Could This Be Infected?

It feels tight, & the skin over it feels hard & less flexible. I have to apply mousturizer afew times a day to keep it feeling comfortable, although the tight feeling... READ MORE

How Does a Surgeon Check for Capsular Contraction in a Chin Implant?

After 18 years (im 37) the scar tissue may have hardened. It feels different, tighter and less pliable, with the occassional ache. Also, if I decide to have it taken out, could... READ MORE

I Had a Small Chin Implant a Long Time Ago and Now the Scar Tissue Seems to Have Hardened Around It?

If I have the implant removed, but leave the scar tissue in for augmentation, would the problem still exist? i.e would the scar tissue still feel unconfortable? Its been fine... READ MORE

Conflicting Advice Regarding Removing my Chin Implant and Leaving the Capsule Empty, What to Do?

There are a LOT of conflicting reports here on implant removal and what happens AFTER. This is so confusing and distressing for a patient - all agree that removal is... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Removal of Small Silicone Implant and my Chin Feels Tight (Had It for 18 Years)?

Now my stitches have gone and the intra-oral scar is tightening. I'm not sure yet if the capsule left behind is what feels tight, or whether it is the entry scar. Is it normal... READ MORE

Tingling Itchy Feeling in my Chin?

Had implant removed after 17 years as I thought the scar capsule had an issue, as I get odd tingly and tight sensations in that area. 5 weeks after removal the sensations are... READ MORE

1 Year After Chin Implant Removal I Have Started Getting the Tingling and Tightness Feeling?

I had a small silicone chin implant which was fine for 17 years.I started getting tingling, tightness and numbness. I had it removed and the feelings went. A year later they... READ MORE

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Oh thats great - Im really glad that the drooping lip has resolved! You must be soooo relieved! I really dont get that the doc says you 'will' have a drooping chin now. That makes no sense. I had an implant for 17 years, had it removed... READ COMMENT

Hey, sorry to hear your operation didnt go well. If your lip droops then of course the surgeon shouldnt charge you to remove or refix it. Clearly it wasnt done properly, perhaps the mentalis muscle didnt heal properly. Removal should be... READ COMMENT

Shame you decided to go through with the chin implant - from the picture I cant see any need for it whatsoever. Why go through something that has added risks if you dont need it at all? It doesnt even look as if you had a receding chin.... READ COMMENT

Hi your chin looks so much better now, well done for going through with the removal, as I know it can be stressful! READ COMMENT

Glad things went well for you! Definately a good decision all round :-) READ COMMENT