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Amazing Mini Face Lift by Dr Jonathan Pontell - Wayne, PA

These are reflections on my mini-facelift, which I had on July 8, 2014. The success of the procedure was entirely due to the remarkable skill and aesthetic sophistication of Dr Jonathan Pontell in Wayne PA.DISCLAIMER: What follows is a personal account of my mini- facelift experience. Your experience can, and most likely will, be totally different. I have no credentials in anything and just... READ MORE

Mini Face Lift Excellent Results

I had a mini-face lift with Dr... It involved the removal and tightening of the skin on my lower face and neck. From first to last my experience with the doctor and his staff was first rate, welcoming and warm. The procedure is done under local anesthesia so he was able to tell me what he was doing (because I asked) and I felt that I was in the hands of someone who really knew exactly what he... READ MORE

Questions from gettingolder1950

Some doctors do not recommend icing after mini facelift. Why the disagreement?

I am about to have a mini facelift and wonder about the new research on not icing for bruising and swelling READ MORE

I need a Breast lift correction. How much would it cost? (photos)

See the irregular seams? What can I do about them? How much would it cost just to fix those lines that seem to be related to scar tissue? READ MORE

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This ended up in my "Promotions" file which I avoid like the plague so that is why I didn't respond earlier. I must say, it is so very annoying not to know your face after hearing, rather reading your voice, here. By the way, I never... READ COMMENT

You'll love it. Have fun. READ COMMENT

Where are your photos? It's very hard to judge the situation, especially with then emotionality of your words, without seeing a progression of photos. Also, if the whole period of healing is past I am quite sure that Pontell would... READ COMMENT

No actually, with a local anesthetic and a nurse's arm, that could very well be the case. You go home immediately after surgery, no "recovery room" because you are completely awake. You can't drive yourself, but if he has finished one... READ COMMENT

Just wandering around tonight and I reread this post of yours and realized I never told you how completely accurate you were in every way. I did finally tell that 8th grade class that I'd had a mini-facelift (which both meant nothing to... READ COMMENT