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Questions from Dima

Nose Looks Wider Post-op

I had a rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to narrow my nasal bone and shape my nasal tip but my nasal bones looks wider than before .my tip looks better and thinner but the nasal bones... READ MORE

What Happens if I Constantly Touch my Nose Directly After Rhinoplasty?

After I removed the nasal cast I kept touching my nose constantly.I guess its not a good thing to do but how will it affect my nose? Will doing so damage the nasal bones or... READ MORE

Can I Narrow Nose Bones by Pinching Post-rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and I was wondering if pinching or squeezing the bony part of the nose makes it narrower? Or will doing so just make things worse? If yes in... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op: Is a Mild Nose Bleed After Cleaning and Blowing my Nose Normal?

After blowing my nose because of stuffiness,I clean it with Q tips and there is always blood on the Q tip, is it normal? Is it normal that I cannot breath properly 3 months... READ MORE

Nose Swelling 3 Weeks After Drinking Alcohol (6 Months Post Op)

When will the extra swelling go down?^ months ago I had rhinoplasty. I drank alcohol and my nose started swelling.That was 3 weeks ago and my nose is still swollen. Its also... READ MORE

Can I Masturbate 1 Week After Open Rhinoplasty and Lip Reduction?

As soon as the cast came off my nose I masturbated, was there any possible harm done? READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and Nitric Oxide Supplement for Bodybuilding

I am a bodybuilder and I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. In 1 week I would need to restart my training & I am required to start taking Nitric Oxide supplements... READ MORE