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Still Waiting to SEE Any Results?

2-weeks ago I had IPL; V-Beam and 5 minutes of Blu-Light laser all in one appointment. This was to get rid of "precancerous" spots BUT I was also told I would SEE improvement in age spots, red marks, and general redness. I am still waiting to see ANYTHING, how long does it take to see cosmetic results reducing redness and age spots? The broken capillaries do not look like they are... READ MORE

Questions from 4755anon

Do IPL and V-Beam Treat Large Areas or Do They Target Specific Spots Only?

2-weeks ago I had IPL; V-Beam and 5 minutes of Blu-Light laser all in one appointment. This was to get rid of "precancerous" spots on the face BUT I was also told I... READ MORE

Can IPL, V-Beam and Blu-light Laser Treatments of the Face Cause New Wrinkles?

I had IPL, V-Beam, and some Blu-Light laser 2 weeks ago. I want to know if laser treatments can cause additional wrinkles? I swear I now have MORE new chin and upper lip/mouth... READ MORE

Why is It Important Not to Scrub Your Face After Laser Treatments?

After facial laser treatment of IPL, V-Beam and Blu-light, my face is peeling rather alot! I want to know why I shouldn’t use an exfoliate or a buff-puff face scrubber to... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Peel a Lot After IPL, V-Beam & Blu-light Laser Treatments?

I had a laser treatment a week ago using 3 different types of laser, IPL, V-Beam, and Blu-light. Now my face is profusely peeling, not just flaking. Is that to be expected? Do... READ MORE

No Results After First IPL/V-Beam Treatment

I had one IPL, v-beam laser treatment 10-days ago and still do not see any difference in the condition of my skin. All the same red marks, red-blotchy areas, age spots, broken... READ MORE

Using Facial Toners After an IPL/V-Beam Treatments?

I have always used a toner or astringent as a part of facial cleansing routine; but would like to know if it is OK to continue after having laser treatment as a part of regular... READ MORE

When to Tell Your Doctor You Don’t See IPL Results?

Can you please tell me just how long I should wait until I go back to my doctor and tell her I am unsatisfied with my IPL with kerastick & v-beam treatment because I just... READ MORE

Does Vitamin K Cream Help Shrink Broken Capillaries on the Face?

Does the use of over the counter vitamin K cream really help get rid of bruises and/or tiny broken capillaries on the face? What about “blood-blisters”? READ MORE

Are IPL Settings Different when Addressing AK’s As Opposed to Age Spots?

I would like to know if the settings on the IPL machine are different when treating precancerous areas with kerastick, than it would be for treating other... READ MORE

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Yes; I have been back into the same doctor. But she just brushed off my concerns; said "she saw" some difference; but I told her and the her nurses that I do not. She did not offer to do the laser a second time, even though I said the... READ COMMENT

Time has gone by; it's now been 3 months since I have had IPL; V-Beam and Blu-light. I can honestly say I see no difference in my skin. Everything that was "red" prior is still red; every "age-spot" is still there. All I lost was... READ COMMENT

They should have had you wear "goggles" or protective eye-wear to seal the eyes while doing this. READ COMMENT

Thanks for your detailed posts. I had my own face done (IPL, V-Beam, and blu-light) and it turned very red, swelled for about 2 days, peeled for another 3-4 days, and now its 2 weeks later and I do not see any difference in the... READ COMMENT

I am wondering why your treatment was so "cheap"? (Only $150) I would be curious to know if you went to a real experienced dermatologist who is a laser specialist or just spa technician. Sometimes we get what we pay for. READ COMMENT