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Nose Looks the Same, if Not Worse!

I requested the hump be removed from my bridge, and that my profile have a feminine curve to it. Well my surgeon ignored me, and instead overly narrowed my bridge, while still leaving the hump (the only thing i wanted removed!!!!) it looks so severe and awful, at least my original crooked nose was kinda cute!! Also my rhinoplasty has cause my always perfect skin to break out severely and it... READ MORE

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Rhinoplasty Post-op Profile is Identical to Pre-op Profile

I got a closed rhinoplasty a week ago to remove a hump on my bridge and requested my nose have a slight feminine curve for my profile. When my splint was removed i found the... READ MORE

Bad Acne Immediately After Rhinoplasty?

I am 19, and just had a finesse rhinoplasty about two weeks ago, and now my always-been-perfect skin has broken out severely following splint removal. Im talking to my surgeon... READ MORE

After a Rhinoplasty, Do Dents in Side of Bridge Get Worse As Time Passes?

I had a rhinoplasty about two weeks ago, and already the right side of my bridge dents inward. it looks weak and lacks support (looks scooped out). i fear as the swelling goes... READ MORE

Depression After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It took surgery for me to realize that my pre-surgery nose was unique and beautiful, and i realize now that body dysmorphic disorder probably lead me to get the nose surgery.... READ MORE

Operating Three Months After Rhinoplasty?

My surgeon said he would check on my healing at three months and operate to finesse his work. Isn't that too soon to do a revision? plus isn't that more difficult to do... READ MORE

Are Surgeons Supposed to Psychologically Evaluate Their Possible Patients?

I had a rhinoplasty done cause i kinda didn't like my nose, but now i realize i didn't need the surgery (of course no one needs cosmetic surgery, but i felt like i... READ MORE

How Can I Get the Softness Back to my Bridge with a Revision Rhinoplasty?

When i smiled, my nose cutely blended into my face. now after a rhinoplasty, there are two dents on the bridge so that my nose looks like a long separate feature. i would like... READ MORE

Should my Doctor Cover Rhinoplasty Revision Costs?

I had a rhinoplasty recently. though it has only been one month post-op, from talking with my doc and seeing the swelling it is clear he did not do a single thing i asked him... READ MORE

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I agree with this poster, your nose looks great right now. the dents on the side make it appear thin, you don't need to contour your new nose, it looks good! READ COMMENT

It doesn't look bad. I like ittt. Don't be sad anymore! If anything, get a tan, maybe some ombre highlights. Treat yourself. I feel like that's what makes a real difference in looking good. Thats what I did after my revision. READ COMMENT

And yes it takes up to a year to get really small. mine took about a year, but it was a revision for me READ COMMENT

Looks so good in my opinion READ COMMENT

Hi! Sooo, I understand completely why you got an initial rhinoplasty. You wanted some minor improvements and unfortunately your surgeon did not have the artistic expertise to recognize what would fit your face. Your newest nose looks... READ COMMENT