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Will Having Laser Genesis Hurt my Facial Fillers?

I have had RADIESSE® in my cheeks and Nasolabial folds,, Botox in my crows feet, and juvederm in my lips. Because the laser is a heat wave the penetrates the skin will this... READ MORE

Will IPL Hurt or Damage my Radiesse filler I Had in my Cheeks and Nasolabial Folds?

Will IPL hurt or damage my Radiesse filler I had in my cheeks and Nasolabial folds? READ MORE

I Want a Mommy Make over: Breast, Tummy and Inner Thighs - Should I Lose More Weight First?

I want a mommy make over breast, tummy and inner thighs~ but I want the fake breast look is that weird? I am a mom of 3 children 13, 11 and 5 and have lost 106 pounds On Jenny... READ MORE

What is an Extended Tummy Tuck? And would that be Best for me?

What is an extended tummy tuck? And would that be Best for me? READ MORE

High Profile Implants or Moderate? Please Help Me Decide!

I am getting a Breast Aug~ with silicone implants 500cc possibly 550cc and I really want a nice perky young starlet looking breast~I not looking for that nice natural look~ I... READ MORE

Ripped Disc on L4 - Will This Delay Surgery?

I am supposed to have an Extended Tummy tuck, Spiral Lift/w lipo and Outer Thigh lift on AUG. 4th~ I just ripped my Disc on L4 on my lower back would surgery still be safe to... READ MORE

I Am 14 Days P.O. and Getting Keloid Scaring After a Tight Lift and Tt What Should I Do?

I am 14 days P.O. and I am getting keloid scaring in many place after having spiral thigh lift and tt what can I do to help myself and my scar to heal better? READ MORE

Scar Revisions On Extended Tummy Tuck!

I researched and did my homework went to the Best Dr. here in the O.C. but I was left with really HIGH scar's in the back of my body I feel SO sad~ this was supposed to be... READ MORE

How Would You Go About Lowering This Scar and Getting Rid of This Butt Crease and Lower These Scars? (photo)

I had a surgery last year and I need to get my scar lowered due to the fact it sticks out of my underpants, jeans, dress pants, and I not able to wear a two piece bathing suit... READ MORE

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Thank You so much for sharing as i just moved here myself. READ COMMENT

I am so glad to have meet you and we are in this together! Love You! for REAL! No Worries God is With Us! I know I lead a Very busy life but I think about you everyday! READ COMMENT

I am so sorry! I am in the same boat! I feel just sick for all of us! READ COMMENT

Wow your lips look amazing! GREAT job! READ COMMENT

I am so proud of you for taking this step for yourself! I hope it works for you! READ COMMENT