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55 Year Old Sun Goddess - Mexico

I hope to decrease my "smokers" lines.. (Smoked years ago and not that long, do have habit of pursing my lips) and having a smoother face and neck . I am getting a lower lift with neck and fat grafts to fill in perioral lines. I am getting ready day by day for my big trip and going ALONE! It's going to be my birthday the day I leave the hospital. I'm a little disappointed that it is being... READ MORE

Questions from Jmel5959

Can dermabrasion be done at same time as facelift? Is it better at perioral lines than fat transfer?

Can dermabrasion on lips perioral lines be done at same time as lower face and neck lift? Would this be better than Fat Transfer around lips?? need to know soon. Have scheduled... READ MORE

The suture site on right eyelid opened up. Any suggestions? (photos)

My eyelid suture came open on right eye. It was "glued" and taped and I was given ointment. Is this something that happens a lot? I was told it would heal fine. Sutures were in... READ MORE

Eyelid healing. Will it even out with time? (Photo)

I had my eyes done and one eyelids suture line came open. It was steri stripped and "glued" and is almost healed but lid is puffy and has ripple and now right eye lid hands way... READ MORE

Will my eyelid scar get better and how soon? (Photo)

I was only going in for neck/ lower face lift and my doctor said I'd have increased wrinkles around my eyes and suggested doing my eyes also. Now I'm terribly worried. I don't... READ MORE

I feel like to much skin was taken on right eye, it's smaller and I look lopsided. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 4.5 weeks post and my eyes are really tight and skin hangs over top if eyelid now. My right eye is smaller and scar is way bigger than left and I very scared! When I go to... READ MORE

Is blue suture poking through skin fixable? (Photo)

I had FaceLift done May 9th 2015. It's been almost 4 months. I have a sharp pin like blue "sutures"?? poking through in front of both ears, and one "lump" where I can feel... READ MORE

Is eye revision really going to help? (photos)

IS REVISION REALLY GOING TO HELP??? I am concerned if It will be better or worse. The stitches on my right eye opened on day 3 . I went back and had it taped up with steri... READ MORE

2 years post, still can't open right eye all the way, will revision really help? (photos)

I still can't open right eye all the way. My right eye is tight the scar is very visible, my surprised look expression is gone and I can't look up. Is a revision going to help?... READ MORE

Will sutures keep spitting? And can eye be fixed? I did not have ptosis prior to surgery (Photos)

I saw specialist to have "cyst" Removed. I now have quite a few stitches on my neck. It was mentioned that this is not an area where sutures are usually in. They were surprised... READ MORE

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I to have had a TERRIBLE time with Revert and Dr.N. Torres. I've been back twice now, yes TWICE and Dr.Torres insisted my eyes are FINE and dismissed any concerns I have. Everyone I know can see the difference! I can't even open my... READ COMMENT

Sure wish I had just done what I set out to do and not been given advise on surgery one day prior to "let Dr. Help me with my eyes too!" Neck is good, but eyes are terrible! You look great! Wish I could say the same! READ COMMENT

Thank you, Yes it seemed great at first. Getting advice one day prior to surgery from surgeon wasn't so great. Looking back I feel like I was given little choice in that my surgeon insisted my eyes would not look good after lower face... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! I am almost 2 years out and so many problems. I did take care of the "cyst" . I now have a two inch slit (stitches) hopefully not leaving a big scar. I really don't have the money to "fix" my eye. I am constantly... READ COMMENT