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Can Closed Rhinoplasty Be Used to Lower and Narrow the Nose's Bridge?

I've heard that closed rhinoplasty causes much less swelling and bruising and requires less recovery time. I can't take much time off of work for recovery, so I'm... READ MORE

Besides Tip Work, Do You Think I Need my Bridge Lowered/narrowed to Get my Ideal Nose?

Besides tip work, do you think I need my bridge lowered/narrowed to get my ideal nose? My eyes are a bit too close together and I've heard that lowering/narrowing the... READ MORE

Filling out my Thin Face - Should I Get Fat Transfer or Implants?

I would like to fill out several areas of my face permanently. Fat transfer sounds most natural to me, but I've heard that only about 50% of the injected fat tends to... READ MORE

Buttock Sagging After Lipo

I had extensive liposuction on my butt and hips and now I have loose skin that makes a sag line at the bottom of one buttock. I also have some rippling that is the result of... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift - Only on One Side?

I had liposuction on my hips and buttocks and now I have a 4 inch sag line of loose skin under one buttock but not the other. My buttocks are the same size now and my doctor... READ MORE

Surgical Butt Lift AND Brazilian Butt Lift in 1 Surgery Session - Recommended or Risky?

I have sagging at the buttock crease due to lipo of the banana roll area, which I wish I hadn't done. I want my buttocks/outer thighs to look taut, and I don't want a... READ MORE

Can You Graft Fat to an Area That Has Internal Scarring Due to Liposuction?

I had too much liposuction to my buttocks and now want to have a Brazilian butt lift to correct the problem, but I've heard that it can be difficult to graft fat onto areas... READ MORE

Why Don't People Get Hip Lifts for Sagging at Sides Instead of Full Butt Lifts?

If a person has sagging just at the side crease of the buttocks, is it possible for them to get two mini hip lifts just over those areas instead of having the scar line extend... READ MORE

Does Fat Injected Deep into the Muscle Last Longer?

I've heard that it is best to have fat injected deep into the muscle when performing a Brazilian butt lift, because fat there is most likely to find a blood source and to... READ MORE

Why Don't All Surgical Butt Lifts Involve Repositioning Tissue to Retain Shapeliness?

Patients often complain that surgical butt lifts leave them with flat buttocks that look elongated and unnatural. To solve this problem, while performing a surgical lift some... READ MORE

Untether Skin from Muscle to Fix Bumps/pitting Caused by Lipo?

I have pitting on my saddlebag area due to lipo that I got 11 years ago. My plastic surgeon says that to fix it he would "untether" the skin from the muscle by... READ MORE