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My god. You poor thing. My tears returned a tiny bit. Enough to cry but then my eyes completely dry out again. It's soo painful. I will keep posted as time goes on. READ COMMENT

It will be 2 years next February and my eyes still have no fluid after botox. I hope one day I get better as I have gone from an incredibly active person to a depressed recluse who now wears goggles to go outside. Good luck READ COMMENT

It's 10 months, the botox has worn off but am still having problems with severe dry eyes. What I will say, is that they are improving GRADUALLY. I am not an eye specialist but I think when it comes to the eyes, it takes much longer to... READ COMMENT

Hi Melty, The thing I can't understand is that every time I see a doctor about the problem with my eyes, they say that it's impossible for it to have been the botox as it wears off after 3 months. I hope one day soon, we all get some... READ COMMENT

Hi Melty, What other damage do you have? READ COMMENT