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I Love my New Nose! - Plano, TX

I recently got my nose job with Dr. Pero and I am soo glad I did it! It was not very painful at all (painkillers for 2 days only). I am surprised at how much younger I look just by having made my nose curvier! Also, I was able to go back to work in one week. My stiches were out in a week, and after that I was more or less back to my normal life. I always thought I looked tired, and I was not... READ MORE

I Love the Twins - Danville, CA

It was a little more painful than liposuction, but it was worth it. I never thought I would be wearing a triangular bikini!!!! I went to shop for bras, and I never felt so confident bra shopping before: I said "36C please" =) =). There are no visible scars. The incisions were made in the underarm and they are not even that visible anyways. They feel sooo natural, and look so natural!... READ MORE

I Love the New Booty - Danville, CA

I was afraid of the recovery of a brazillian butt lift, especially because not being able to seat sounds like a huge deal, but it was worth it. I wanted a more curvy body. I was thin before, and I was already size 6 with a relatively nice body, but I did not have many curves in my waist. So I decided to get liposuction in the back, waist belly, hips and transfer it to my butt. The recovery... READ MORE

Very Happy with my New Chin and Neck Lipo - Danville, CA

My face was too flat, and I wanted to get a chin and a neck lipo to have a more chiseled look, and a more contoured profile I love my new chin! The pain was waaayy less than what I expected, and I am a chicken for pain usually. I recommend my Dr., and I also recommend the procedure to anyone looking for a more contoured face. READ MORE

Questions from 8138anon

Non Asian Ethnic Bleph

I have very ethnic Hispanic eyes (by that I mean indigenous, similar to native Americans).That makes my profile flat in the eye area. Two things stopped me from plastic surgery... READ MORE

Second Round of Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift - What to Expect

Hello I got lipo 8 years ago in S.America and got great results! They took 6 liters out of my body and put 0.5 lt on each butt cheek. I have gained little weight (5-7 lbs), but... READ MORE

Surgical Options for Flat Face

I had a flat face (no cheeks, no chin). I recently (2 wks ago) got a chin implant,neck lipo and fillers on cheeks. I am very very happy with my result. However, The top half of... READ MORE

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The profile picture was from before, when I got a chin job years ago....le me take close up of the before and after of the nose and post them (check back in 2 days =) =) READ COMMENT

Yep. Same doctor =). The boob job was about 5000. I got saline implants. READ COMMENT

Mm..good question...not sure. You can ask him how many CCs Monica got (I seriously got so much stuff done with him, that I m sure he knows which Monica in realself you would be talking about) =) =) READ COMMENT

I got the breast implants last. I got the boobs done January 2011 and the booty done August 2010. READ COMMENT

The lipo and brazillian butt lift were 5,000. The doctor took out 2 liters from my back, waist, hips and tummy (I did not have that much fat), and put the usable part of those two liters in my booty. I was 145 lbs before the surgery... READ COMMENT