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2 Years Ago I Had Radiation on Left Breast After Cancer Surgery.

There are no changes for my breast after radiation.Now I WANT mastectomy and reconstruction,but ONLY with tissue expander. CAN I have that ? I DO NOT want to have FLAP. Last 6... READ MORE

Post-Mastectomy Breast Infection. Expander Removal?

Left breast ( had radiations 2 years ago ) got infected after mastactamy and reconstraction with expander.I'm 2 weeks now with picc line with antibiotics,but infection... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction - LD Flap w/ Implant After Expander Infection?

I had radiation on left breast 2 years ago. Now I had mastactomy and reconstruction with expander , and have infection.2 weeks I have picc line with anibiotic, infection still... READ MORE

Fat Injections After Breast Reconstruction with Implant on Radiated Breast

I had laptoctomy, radiation. 2 years laler - mastactamy and breast reconstruction with expander.After surgery had infection, it was gone after treatment with antibiotics,... READ MORE

Expander Size to Get C Cup after Mastactomy

How many CC should be added in the expander during the breast reconstruction after the mastactomy, to get size "C" with selicon implant ? READ MORE

How big is risk to get infection again, after surgery for replacement expander to implant?

I had a little infection on radiated breast after double mastectomy and reconstruction with expander .Extender was not removed. After treatment with antibiotic infection's... READ MORE

Skin Texture After Laser Liposuction

Please! Is it possible to have a smooth skin ( as before the surgery ) after the laser liposuction on the hips and tummy ? READ MORE

Dimpling After Liposuction: Don't Want to Lose Smooth Skin

Will my tummy and hips look different like a dimpling skin after laser liposuction ? Now I have absolutely smooth skin. I'm 5'7" 135 lbs , but a lot fat on the stomach . Thank you. READ MORE

What Can Help with Low Back Pain After Hips Liposuction ?

What Can Help with Low Back Pain After Hips Liposuction ? READ MORE

IPL after Juvederm ?

I had juvederm fillers on my face 2 weeks ago . Can I have IPL now ? READ MORE

Scar after surgery. What can help me?

5 years ago Plastic surgeon made cut on the skin on my head from top to ears under the hair. Now hair doesn't grow on the scar ( almost 1inch wide, 3 inch long ) Hair grow not... READ MORE

Deep lines and sagging skin. What non surgical treatment can I get? (Photo)

I'm looking a place to get not surgical treatment for lines and sagging skin . Pic attached. READ MORE