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Many thanks pretty girl, you deserve the best because you ARE the best, it's always a great pleasure to see you, glad things worked out. Steve Laverson, MD and staff. READ COMMENT

Choosing a surgeon is a matter of fit, like choosing an attorney, or a job, or a husband. It's a combination of scientifically assessing qualifications by researching and interviewing the surgeon and careful application of your finest... READ COMMENT

Your insights most certainly apply to many surgeons and many situations, but represent broad generalizations that may result from poorly choosing your surgeon. READ COMMENT

Difficult to offer advice without knowing exactly what was done, but it's likely that complete transection of sensory nerves at the site of your browlift incision along with tension across the area is at least partly related. A trial... READ COMMENT

There is great truth and insight in your words dashed hopes. Experience is a stern teacher. Although it's frustrating for good surgeons who sacrifice their business to professional integrity, it's absolutely devastating for patients... READ COMMENT