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Thanks. I appreciate that but not necessary. I've had total clearance before and I know it looks good. I liked not having to worry about shaving for months at a time before hair started appearing again. My neck has great clearance and... READ COMMENT

Well that's good to hear. I know that nobody really cares except us...most people are busy with their own quirks as you say. I'm actually almost 40 now, no grey hairs in sight either. It comes in very black and thick....looks terrible.... READ COMMENT

Yeah. I think I'd be totally fine with LHR and maintenance for the rest of my life if I didn't think there was some kind of stigma to doing this in other people's minds. Like there is this idea that you would have to be some kind of... READ COMMENT

SNT. And on the bright side you never have to deal with ingrown hairs or razor burn. That is two big problems out of the way. I know if I never got LHR that I would not be shaving...I would be using that stubble/beard trimmer. Guys who... READ COMMENT

The hair that is growing back is not the hair you had lasered. Your body always produces hair follicles as you age. The laser doesn't destroy the gene that causes hair growth but it does destroy those targeted follicles, believe that.... READ COMMENT