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Awesome Job on my Saddle/butt Lift. I LOVE my Butt - Austin, TX

Can I say WOW, I used to workout a lot and do lots of weights and had a perky butt back then but after hitting my 30's and having kids my butt just sagged and became a flat unattractive pancake butt! well since I'm still young I didn't want that scar going across my body on top of my butt just... READ MORE

I Finally Did the Lip Lift :) - Sugar Land, TX

Well for the past 2 years I have been doing research on lip lift since my perma lip implant didn't do the job I was hoping it would by lifting my upper lip outward and giving me some teeth show. YES I still have the perma lip implant in the upper lip and I just did the lip lift and got 4mm cut... READ MORE

Restylane in my Lips - Houston, TX

I have known Dr. Siegel since 2005 he is the BEST in fillers he knows where to inject and what needs to be filled. the thing I was not blessed with is the sexy pouty lips, but he is AWESOME in creating that. I moved from Houston back in 2006 so I had to used other doctors for fillers and NEVER... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Around the Eyes - Houston, TX

I did Fraxel Repair on November 16th 2011 around my eyes, since my eye lids were drooping more than I would like them to specially the right eyelid which is why they increased the intensity on the right eye which is why its suffering more lol. anyways the procedure its self was ok the worst part... READ MORE

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I don't think u need to cut more, u already look great and ur space is so small between ur lip and nose so I think u should just be happy with ur result now :) READ COMMENT

Oh u did it!! Congratz :) it looks good and u didn't even have much swelling. READ COMMENT

Hey Lulu25107, it has been very crazy end of year for me! I went out of the country in October and then came back and got so busy so I scheduled te revision in February I hope I can stick to this date lol. But I promise once I do it I... READ COMMENT

U look amazing. I'm so upset I couldn't do my revision last month but I just got back from out of the country. And will schedule it maybe in January. READ COMMENT

Hi Lulu25107, well if you want a vitamin that is good for healing yes C is good and also Vitamin E is good HOWEVER, DO NOT take E too much while you are pregnant bc you can over dose on E vitamin, also do not take it 2 weeks prior to... READ COMMENT