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Micro-needling with PRP

I was numbed so it was not painful. I was able to tolerate it. I was pretty red like a sun burn right after. Next day was pink. By 3rd day I was more flushed... by Monday.. I was pretty much back to normal. My skin did get very dry and peeled. So, only a week has passed. My skin does feel smoother. As for tightness and fine lines... I need to wait few more weeks to comment. READ MORE

Juvederm Lip Augmentation!!! - Indiana

I had 1 Syringe of Juvederm injected in my lips! I am on day 6 and they look great.. they were sore and swollen for the first 3 days. No bruising at all. She did mix in a little extra lydocane which helped greatly with the pain. Only the first 3 injections hurt the others I could barely feel. Love it Love it! I just had my 1 yr appointment and 1 syringe is all I need. Love it I have... READ MORE

Radiesse Cheeks under Eyes - Greenwood, IN

Not sure yet.... Had it injected twice! First time I had very little to no bruising. We went conservative the first time and at two weeks we could tell I needed more in left eye and a drop or two in the right. Unfortunately she hit a blood vessel this time and I swell up like a balloon. This time I have to puffy bags under both eyes... Now she did not inject much in cheek area on right....... READ MORE

Had Done Under Eyes For Bags LOVE IT!!!! - Indiana

I'm 35 years old had juvederm under eyes to reduce appearance of bags that have gotten worse the past year. One side did bruse for about a week was able to conceal with make-up it was not too bad small price to pay for the reward. I highly recommend doing reseach and making sure you have an experienced PS do the proceedure. She did less and I have another appointment to see if I need a... READ MORE

Questions from 3406anon

Scition's SkinTyte Treatment on Stomach

I have am quite petite 5'4 110 lbs one child & workout regularly. I run quite a bit and do abs consistantly 3-4 x's a week. Abs look great when standing up... READ MORE

Can Steroid Injections Help Shrink Nodules Formed from a Radiesse Injection? (photo)

I had Radiesse injections almost 7 weeks ago and unfortunately I formed nodules under both eyes. I've read that steroid injections can help shrink the nodule. Is this true? Or... READ MORE

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Voluma is great for cheek bones and thats it!!! My doctor puts Voluma in cheek area then used Juvederm for all other surface lines or volum loss. Voluma is to be injected close to the bone.... Agree this product should not be used off label READ COMMENT

I have had Juv in lips for several years now and mine have never swelled or bruised like yours... I always get it done in middle of day and go back to work with no issues. I go to a great facial PS. I recommend next time you have a PS... READ COMMENT

I'm on 2 1/2 years and I still have fluid in troughs. Check out my posting about Radiesse! I think that this goes for all fillers that are administered in troughs... IT"S A BAD IDEA!! You never know when this can happen to you. 1st time... READ COMMENT

Luckily I've found a very concervative ps and we've been slowly injecting juvederm in the cheek area to smooth ou my bags... Just doing little by little... I'm going back next week to add a little more to one side. Filling the cheeks... READ COMMENT

I have a feeling I will be having surgery too... Even if baggys go away that skin is stretched.... The hard part is finding the right doctor to do it ! READ COMMENT