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Swelling After Otoplasty

My procedure was done 7 days ago and my lobes kind of seem to be sticking up, my ears are still swollen, my lobes are very little swollen, will the lobes go down as well? and... READ MORE

When Will I See Final Results from Otoplasty?

When will i see the final results ? i had the procedure done 12days ago. thank you READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty Stitching - when Does It Come Out?

I had my procedure done 16 days ago and my cosmetic stitching didnt come all the way out yet, is that normal? when does it usually come off? READ MORE

17 Days Post-op Otoplasty - Cosmetic Stitching Hasn't Come out Yet

My cosmetic stitches have not came out and its been 17 days since my procedure, the doctor did regular stitching on some parts of the ear and cosmetic stitching thats suppose... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty and Ear Piercing?

After how long after can i get my second piercing on the lobe? thank you READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty and Scar Cream

Hi,i had my procedure done on july 13, its been 20 days. the place in the back of my ear where the surgeon cut my ear from still hurts and is red and kind of noticable, but my... READ MORE

Is Sun Bad for the Ear After Otoplasty?

Hi, I've been tanning a lot lately and I had my procedure done on July 13, my dad said that it might be dangerous. Is it dangerous to be under the sun a lot after ear... READ MORE

Will Ears Flatten More 27 Days Post-op Otoplasty?

I had my procedure done 27 days ago and my ears are still a little swollen, a little numb, and still stick out very little, it's not totally flat. My doctor said that... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty and Keloid Scarring?

It's been about a month since my ear otoplasty and on my left ear where the stitching is there is a thick buildup underneath, idk what that is on my right ear there is very... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty Swelling Where the Stitches Were??

Hi my procedure was done a month ago, my ears still kinda hurt and one of the ears is still a little swollen on that ear where the stitchings were and where it was cut,... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty Hypertrophic or Keloid Scar?

Hi, the top part of my ear where the stitching was is swollen like the scar is swollen. My procedure was done a month ago and the doctor said it went well and everything is... READ MORE

When Will the Redness from Ear Otoplasty Go Away?

How much time does it take for the scar to heal? When does th reddish pink go away from the stitches, when do I get my final result of th scar? READ MORE

What's the Best Scar Cream for Post-otoplasty?

What's the best scar cream that I can get for the scar to go away? When should I start putting it on? READ MORE

Exercise After Otoplasty

Hi, I had my procedure done about a month and a half ago and I go to the gym everynight and work out for about 2 hrs. I also go into the sauna and when I'm in there my ears... READ MORE

White Raised Scar After Ear Otoplasty

I got my procedure done on July 13, my ears are still bad! And I have a white raised scar, will it go down? Or is it going to stay raised? READ MORE

How Many Times Can You Get Ear Otoplasty?

I just got ear otoplasty about a month and a half ago and it's better then my old ears but still not great, and I certainly don't feel comfortable putting my hair up.... READ MORE

Is Ice Good for the Swelling of the Scar from Otoplasty?

I had ear otoplasty 5 weeks ago, the top part of my scar is reddish and really raised and the bottom of the scars(closer to the lobe) are white and very little raised but... READ MORE

How Should an Ear Otoplasty Scar Look?

I got my procedure done 6 weeks ago and some parts of the scars are swollen and raised. Is that normal? How is it going to look in the end? When it's healed and over with... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Ear Otoplasty Scars?

If my scar is still visible after six months can I get the steroid injections? Or do I have to do it as soon as possible? Can I use silicone sheets now? And how long should I... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty - Two Different Scars?

Hi, I had my procedure done almost 2 months ago. On one of the ears the scar is thick and raised up and white and on the other ear the scar is thin and red. Is this normal? Are... READ MORE

Can Another Surgeon Look at my Scars from Ear Otoplasty?

Hi,it's been 2 months after my ear surgery, my surgeon lives far away and on one of the ear the scar is white and raised on the bottom part it's soft and feels like... READ MORE

My Ears Look Brownish After Ear Otoplasty

I am very white and after my otoplasty that I had done 2 months ago and outer parts of my ears are brownish and the skin looks wrinkly and dry, but it's not like dry skin... READ MORE

Kelo-cote Scar Gel for Ear Otoplasty Scar

Hi, I had my ear otoplasty about 9 weeks ago. I went to see a different surgeon for a second opinion, he gave me samples of this new scar gel that's made out of silicone... READ MORE

What Should I Look at when Buying Silicone Sheeting for Otoplasty Scar?

Hi I got my procedure done 10 weeks ago and my scars are raised and white and I went to another surgeon to get a second opinion and he said that I should use silicone sheeting,... READ MORE

Horrible Scar After Ear Otoplasty?

I have a very bad raised super white scar on the top of my left ear, its very hard i feel like its a cartlige but im not sure, it has been 3 and a half months since my... READ MORE

Ear Cartilage Gone Wrong After Ear Otoplasty?

Hi, i got my procedure done about 4 months ago and what I thought was a scar turned out to be a cartilage sticking out by the scar area, it's very visible and I want to get... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty - Do I Have to Be Careful with my Ears All my Life?

Hi, it's been exactly 4 months since my procedure and I'm very careful my ears don't hurt very bad but it's still a little uncomfortable. Till when can I be... READ MORE