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Dramatic Difference - Orlando, FL

It was a difficult decision to make. My breasts have always been a source of embarrassment for me. Since I was 12 years old, they have had a long and deformed look to them. Over the last 3 years I have lost over 90 pounds and that made matters worse. They were totally sagging, deflated and lacking any density. I had a tummy tuck 5 months ago and am still elated with the results but I felt that... READ MORE

Amazed! A Great Experience So Far - Orlando, FL

Tons of pros but one of the best is not having to ask my husband " does this make my stomach look big?"Thank God! It has only been 6 days and I feel great. Severe pain only lasted about 45 minutes in the recovery room but once the pain meds kicked in I was suprised I was able to walk and go to the bathroom on my own 5 hours after surgery. My husband was shocked that I didnt need to wake him up... READ MORE

Smartlipo- Waste of Time and Money - Lake Mary, FL

Preop care was minimal. the consult was done by a consultant not a doctor or nurse. she showed me pictures of patients that were not their own.she told me they would be able to get rid of my back fat and i wasnt nearly as big as the woman in the pictures.all of this would not have bothered me if the results were decent. there is a small improvement in my arms but nothing on my back.the... READ MORE

Questions from ritrit

Does an Extended Tummy Tuck and Lipo Usually Address Lower Back Fat As Well ?

Does an extended tummy tuck with lipo after major weight loss usually address lower back fat? READ MORE

Can Axilloplasty Be Combined with Liposuction of Upper Back and Bra Bulge?

Is there a way to excise the excess skin from upper back/ bra bulge using the same incision in the armpit? Lost 90 lbs from diet and exercise and recently had a e.t.t.(thrilled... READ MORE

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Hi, I had a breast lift with out implants so I purchased the mastopexy compression bra. If you are having implants you may need a different style. Marena has a really good return policy if you dont like the product or the size is wrong.... READ COMMENT

Hi guys. Good luck with your upcoming surgeries! Dr. Soto will probably have you using paper tape on the incisions for weeks, so there is no rush on scar lotions. For my breast lift and tummy tuck scars, he still has me using Kelocote... READ COMMENT

Hey, I know what you mean about working with what you have, when my doctor did the lipo last week he reshaped my hips and lower butt area. Thats going to have to be enough because I dont think I could handle not sitting for for 4 weeks.... READ COMMENT

Hi Tweety. Im not comfortable posting pics because I have 3 teenage boys that I dont want to scar for life (lol), sorry. Plus, Im in this darn compression garment for 5 more weeks and its driving me crazy! As far as sensation goes, I... READ COMMENT

Hi 3tweety1. I just realized you may be planning on doing the BBL and I did not want to give you any wrong information. The BBL isnt considered a named body procedure such as a breast lift or abdominoplasty etc.. so they can remove up... READ COMMENT