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Unfortunate Experience and Completely a Waste of My Money - Wellesley, MA

Even after two rounds of surgery, I will need additional procedures to correct/improve/achieve the results. READ MORE

I had liposuction once before - Wish I Had a Better Result Overall. Complete Waste of Money - Wellesley, MA

I had liposuction once before on my stomach and waist and was very happy with the results. Now years later, I wanted to have it done on my rear waist where my love handles were now prominent having never treated that area. As well, I wanted to have liposuction of my chest where I had previously had gynecomastia. All in all, the results this time were extrememly disappointing. While I was... READ MORE

I have always wanted to have a nose job - Wish I Had a Better Result Overall. Complete Waste of Money - Wellesley, MA

I have always wanted to have a nose job. I always felt my nose was too "ethnic looking". It was wide for my face, did not create a nice profile and had a sizeable bump in the bridge. Thought having rhinoplasty would improve all of that. Having done it, I wish I had selected another doctor and my two followup consultations each said they could have gotten a better result. Actually... READ MORE

Not Aesthetically Pleasing and Needs to Be Replaced - Wellesley, MA

I had it done because I hadpreviously had rhinoplasty but it failed to give me a substantial change to my profile which is what I was looking for. So the doctor then said that I should consider the implant which would give me that desired effect. I should have thought twice as this same doctor previously told me the nose job would accomplish what I wanted. Instead, I relented to another... READ MORE

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While I appreciate the compliment. It does not look at all natural especially when I move my face. And while the anterior view is not terrible. The profile views look awful. It is very clear that there is an implant in there. Worse, the... READ COMMENT

No before pics unfortunately. I am waiting to do anything because I need to have some dental work and don't want to mess with area until that is completed. I hate the current implant though and the left profile looks ridiculous. I will... READ COMMENT

To those of you who think my noselooks good, thank you. However to the last person who so clearly knows nothing about me but wants to toss that term around, I am well aware of what BDD is. Amazingly enough you sound exactly like my... READ COMMENT

Again I really appreciate your response. A real boost to the ego. And no it does not look awful but it is not an improvement to my original appearance which is whats sad. I wanted it less prominent, less wide and not crooked which is... READ COMMENT

Thats very nice of you to say, but I cannot see how you would think it is perfect. Of course I belive this doctor has been posting responses to my review, etc so I am going to take that with a grain of salt. The profile is very much off... READ COMMENT