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I've Never Been Happier with my Nose - Houston, TX

I've had a rhinoplasty before but was unhappy with the results. Dr. Seigel performed a revision rhinoplasty and I have never been happier. Thank you for my confidence! My nose was bulbous and lacked shape when I smile. As a result I tried to avoid photos or would never smile as to accentuate my large upshapely nose. The best part is it is so natural no one even noticed I had anything done. The... READ MORE

fantastic! - Houston, TX

For self READ MORE

Questions from anon32329532

How Much Swelling is Normal After a Cheek Implant?

I don't know if I should be concerned or not. The swelling seems to be getting worse. It's so bad that my face looks like a huge ballon. One side the swelling is so bad... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Too Small?

I had cheek implants done about a month ago. I feel as if the implants are too small. I honestly don't notice a difference. Is it possible that there's still residual... READ MORE

Will Chin Implant Make Face Less Wide and Round in Appearance?

I feel like the front profile of my face is very wide and very round. Will a chin implant give the lower half of my face a more angular look and make it look slimmer? I... READ MORE

Can Brow Lift Enhance Droopy Eye Lids?

I've had a blepharoplasty done. However, the results are so incredibly minimal and I'm not happy with the results. I notice a slight different but I still feel as if I... READ MORE

Shape Eyes with Blepharoplasty?

My eyes (photo on left) are very tired looking all the time. I also feel they're incredibly un-proportionate with the rest of my face. Is it possible to change my eye shape... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Removal After Cheek Implant

I had a cheek implant (awhile ago) but i was thinking of having buccal fat removed. Would this be ok? I mean, the cheek implant won't get in the way or anything will it? READ MORE

Do Surgeons Judge Patients?

I'm always afraid that a surgeon will judge me if I get surgery. I'm not very confident with my appearance and I've wanted to get several things done but I'm... READ MORE

Fat Removal Around Jaw Line for Chubby Face?

I have an incredibly round and chubby face. I've had buccal fat taken out and I've had cheek implants. I still feel that whenever I smile my face just looks really... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Re-vision for Asian Nose?

I had a rhino. done over a year ago and I hate it. She told me the skin was very thick and I couldn't have a smaller nose. My original issue was that it was bulbous, wide... READ MORE

Swelling in Eyelid After Browlift?

I'm a little concerned. I had an endoscopic brow lift done about 2 months ago. I don't notice any difference nor does anyone else. The reason I had it done was to lift... READ MORE

Lipo Around Neck or Something else to Make Face More Balanced and Less Chubby

I have a very round and chubby face. It's not a weight thing because I'm fairly thin (100 lbs). I feel like my face is unbalanced because it's so heavy on the... READ MORE

Did my Surgeon Remove my Cheek Implants During Buccal Fat Removal?

I know this sounds really crazy but I've recently had buccal fat removal. However, now that I see my results after 2 weeks my cheeks seem flatter. Is it possible my surgeon... READ MORE

Large Nose Disproportionate to Face? (photo)

2 years ago I decided to have a rhinoplasty. The doctor explained that my nose a typical thick asian nose. She offered to thin out what she could and place an implant in it... READ MORE

Puffy Eyes? Causes? Solution? (photo)

I've had a blepharoplasty a year ago. My left eye looks okay but my right eye for some reason is incredibly puffy and droopy. In fact, it looks worse than it did my surgery.... READ MORE

What procedures would improve the appearance of my lower & mid face? (photo)

I have a heavy lower bottom and sagging mid face I would like advice on what to do. I have heavy creases that runs from the inner corner of the eyes down across my cheeks all... READ MORE

My nose is too wide, and mouth too small. Would a nostril reduction help? (Photo)

I know that there isn't a surgery to make one's mouth wider (at least not for cosmetic reasons.) So I was wondering if a nostril reduction would be advisable? I've had a... READ MORE

How much do you need to weigh for fat transfer breast augmentation?

I don't want implants. I weigh 98 lb and am 5'2. Would I not qualify to have a far transfer breast aug done? How much would I need to weigh? Should I gain weight? I don't/need... READ MORE

6 weeks after jaw liposuction and no visible difference. Should I be able to see results by now?

I had liposuction around my jawline 6 weeks ago and I basically look the same. Am I still swollen and just healing? Shouldn't I at least some minimal difference? READ MORE

What to do about fatty outer eyebrows? Thermitight a possible fix? (Photos)

I've had a blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift. But I'm still struggling with my eyes because there is excessive fat on the outer corner of my eyes and beneath my brows. You can... READ MORE

Recent comments from anon32329532

You look so beautiful and your results are so natural! I was blown away by all the procedures you had done but if you feel good about yourself good for you! The lip lift looks great! (And everything else) READ COMMENT

I've had a chin implant about 2 years ago and I have to say what you're feeling is normal. I couldn't smile and my face felt weird. But I'm fully healed now and i have to say it's wwwaaayyyy better. It's not numb and I can make normal... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing! I had a good experience with dr Perlman for another operation. (My eyes) so maybe lips just aren't his thing? Anyway, if you want fuller lips have you considered a lip lift? It's sssooo natural and the downtime is... READ COMMENT

I cut about 5 mm? Right now I'm not so happy. I can't tell a difference after the swelling in the lips have gone away. They look the same. Top is thin and no teeth show. Did yours eventually show more? How much did you cut the... READ COMMENT

Hi. I just had mine done with dr. H, too! I'm on day 3. Did your face swell? Near jowl and lower cheek area it's sssooo swollen and I look like a chipmunk! Did this go away? I'm afraid the swelling will stick around :( READ COMMENT