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What Treatment is Safe for Under Eye Dark Veins?

I am 25 and have had dark veins under my eyes almost all my life. There is one very large one under one eye and several smaller ones under both eyes. I have read the responses... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Dark Circles and Facial Veins?

I have had very dark circles under my eyes almost all my life (not due to lifestyle factors). There is also a few blue veins that partially contribute to the problem and are... READ MORE

Droopy Left Eye After Lasering Under Eye Veins

Hello, 3 months ago I tried to have my bluish undereye veins removed using Cutera CoolGlide by an experienced dermatologist after advice I received on this site. He covered my... READ MORE

Yellowish Discoloration Around Lips: Are There Any Treatments for This?

Hello, I have a slight yellowish discoloration around my lips for years. It's <1 inch in every direction around the lips (slightly worse above). No clear demarcation.... READ MORE

What is the Optimal Skin Care Regimen MDs Recommend for Young Women?

Hello, I'm wondering what's the optimal skin care routine for light/medium skin tone women in late 20s both to address the minor imperfections we face around this age... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation (Toronto Resident): How Should I "Fix" This? Any Suggestions?

I had Juvederm (1syringe) injection 1 yr ago. My smile is lopsided & others even commented that my lips are crooked (pic attached). Its been like this since the tx but I... READ MORE

Femimore: Increasing Gluteal Size?

Does Femimore work in increasing gluteal size (gaining inches, not lifting)? Is it recommended? READ MORE

Do I Have Prominent Under Eye Bags? Do I Need Blepharoplasty or Other Treatments?

A surgeon told me that my dark hollow circles were caused by prominent undereye bags which create shadows. I have seen this in others but can't see prominent bags under MY... READ MORE

Is IPL for Hair Removal Worth It? How Many IPL Treatments Required on Average?

I have dark hair/light skin. I've been using IPL for full body hair removal. 3 sessions so far and the results are great. Hairs are barely growing back in between monthly... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Surgeon in Greater Toronto Area Who is Experienced with Injectable Fillers to Treat Under Eye Hollow Circles.

Every office I've contacted has said:1)the surgeon will NOT meet with me in advance of the tx date to at least estimate the chance of good outcome OR 2) nurse/technician... READ MORE

Butt Augmentation Using Fat Graft from Abdo, Flanks, Back & Thighs?

Hello, Is it possible to also use lipo of inner thighs in addition to hips, abdo, flanks and back to augment buttocks? I have seen talk of lipo being categorized by # of areas.... READ MORE