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Worth Looking Into

I went to Dr. B for persistent redness that was the result of genes, prolonged sun exposure and a TCA peel gone sideways. I had researched the V Beam and knew it was the laser I wanted. I just had them do a portion of my face, if I recall correctly, which included my veiny little nose! I was surprised immediately after the treatment that the redness seemed like it had vanished. Then I was... READ MORE

Didn't Straighten my Teeth Completely and Took Four Times the Quoted Length - Nashville, TN

I had a couple mildly crooked teeth that my dentist said could be corrected with Clear Correct for $2500. Thats a big price tag for me, but I decided it was worth it, since he said he could have all my teeth straight in just three months. Fast forward three months, nope, not straight. They had to take another mold and got me just one more tray, as if just one more tray would magically... READ MORE

Platysmaplasty - Muscle Tightening Only - Newport Beach, CA

In the winter of 2012, my twin and I got together for Xmas. We happened to discuss how we both felt like we were a bit heavy under the jaw and it made an impact on our looks. I decided to do something about it. I am the guinea pig twin, you see. At first I was leaning towards liposuction and then I read a great review by Eric, founder of Realself, about how sometimes there is more to the... READ MORE

Dont Try This at Home! 25% TCA - Nashville, TN

I was considering a TCA peel last year. I read up on it like gangbusters. I knew everything there was to know about the process. It was ridiculous how much I read. I ordered the product online and did a patch test. The patch seemed to heal very slowly, but I assured myself that due to the low complication rate, the residual redness would go away in time. I went ahead with the full... READ MORE

Finally I See Results!!! - Nashville, TN

I am a veteran to laser hair removal and have so far gotten excellent results from Rejuvenation Group...far better than anywhere else. They work quickly and use an Alexandrite laser, which blasts a constant stream of super cold air, making the Brazilian as comfortable as possible. The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes, which I appreciated. The staff is professional, friendly and... READ MORE

New technology is not painful!!! Read my update!

Wow...looking back on all my reviews, you would think I am a very unfortunate looking individual, haha...well, my mom took me and my sister to get Electrolysis when we were 24 (six years ago now) due to inheriting her upper lip hair (thanks, mom!). We got a dentist to numb us, so it was pain free on the upper lip, but we had a little extra time, so she did some of the stray hairs under my... READ MORE

Botox Benefits Lasted for Years for Me - Laguna Niguel, CA

I got botox for the horizontal lines on my forehead when I was 26 (that was four years ago now). Like I say in my other reviews, I spend a ton of time in the sun as a child and I started to age very quickly in my twenties. Anyhow, by 26, I already had these horizontal lines that were pretty noticable. The procedure was completely painless. Effects were gradual, which was nice (rather than... READ MORE

Great for Acne and Clarity - Irvine, CA

I use the generic tretinoin. It took a long time to notice results (months), so get comfortable with the idea of using it for a while. It made my skin peel quite a bit with some redness when I first started, but once my skin adjusted to it after 8 weeks or so, those symptoms subsided. After several months, I realized that I NEVER got pimples anymore. EVER. My blackheads were notiably... READ MORE

It is Working for my Sparse Lashes, Slowly but Surely :)

I have always had sparse lashes, seriously. I love long eyelashes, who doesnt? So, I decided to commit to Latisse and see if it worked for me. I have been using it since the second week of February, so that is about three months now, or twelve weeks. My eyelashes are longer and I am really enjoying putting on mascara. They arent crazy long, just more normal looking now. Remember, I had very... READ MORE

NO IPL! - Try Hydroquinone for sunspots: Cheaper, more effective, fewer risks. Worth the patience.

My twin sister and I are turning thirty this year. We have struggled for years with very ruddy skin, including red and brown 'sun' spots. I attribute our uneven skin tone to running around without a drop of sunscreen though the better part of our childhoods. Anyone with truly ruddy skin knows how embarassing it is to always have your skin look dirty, no matter how much you cleanse.... READ MORE

Top In His Field - Beverly Hills, CA

I started to get very noticable hollowness under my eyes at 23, which lead to dark circles. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking that I was way too young for this. It made me look tired, old and unattractive. At 27, I decided I wanted to try something...anything! After extensive research, I found Dr. H and I'm so glad I did. I only wish that Restalyne lasted longer for the... READ MORE

Liposuction (&B.A.) Flanks, Abdomen - Long Beach, CA

Ok, so here is my story. I am in my late twenties and just got engaged. I wanted to get breast augmentation before the wedding and, after much research, decided that while I was at it, I would have lipo on my flanks, abdomen and mons pubis (coudn't they call it something cuter than that? lol). No matter how thin, I have always had a spare tire that made my butt look square-ish and long. My... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation (And Liposuction) - Long Beach, CA

Ok, so here is my story. I am in my late twenties and just got engaged. I wanted to feel like a woman on my wedding day, so I decided I'd rather have a small wedding and big boobs :). I went with silicone unders, incision in the crease. I was an A before surgery and with 600s, I'm about a DD now (I'm tall so its not as enormous as you might think). I have never had surgery before, so I was... READ MORE

Questions from Miss.TRev

From LA to Nashville...looking for Great Surgeons

Hi, Just moved from LA to Nashville. I had Restylane under eyes w/Dr. Hoenig (loved results); looking for oculopls/specialist here in Nashville (no medspas for me!). I've heard... READ MORE

Chin Lipo? What Do You Recommend For My Face? (photo)

Hi there, There's something masculine about my appearance...but, I cant quite put my finger on it. It may be poor definition between the jaw & neck, but I also think there... READ MORE

First signs of aging, age 32... what to do? (photos)

I am 32 and lost about 50lbs over the last couple of years. Once my face was thin again, I noticed that it has aged quite a bit since the good ol' twenties. I used to wake up... READ MORE

Would I still have to use Cosmelan forever to treat Hyperpigmentation if I have no melasma?

I've read that Cosmelan is a safe and highly effective at treating hyperpigmentation. Since I have had a bad experience with a TCA peel and don't want to use lasers, this seems... READ MORE

How can I improve the horizontal projection of my face? (Photo)

A P.S. suggested a sliding genioplasty to help balance my face. Its an excellent suggestion as my chin sticks out. I'm concerned that my side profile already has pretty poor... READ MORE

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You are very pretty! Best of luck in your journey! READ COMMENT

They do look unnatural and I think your observations are correct. I noticed that the teeth look very wide. It's your smile, you are right to be concerned! READ COMMENT

I used retina after the procedure for a number of months. I have such temperamental skin that I tend to go on it for a few months and then off it for a few months. Even with a low Rx, my skin gets pissy. If you are having scarring... READ COMMENT