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Is Ultrashape As Effective As Liposuction Surgery?

There was a story today at AOL saying you get body slimming results with a procedure involving no surgery: ultrashape.  Is it recommended as a... READ MORE

Is Ultrashape Better Than Velashape?

I don't know if I should get UltraShape or VelaShape.  I am looking for a liposuction alternative that will help reduce my fat and cellulite,... READ MORE

Ultrashape Vs. Smartlipo

Hi, i´ve been checking out these two procedures, but i found a lot of controversy, so i´m a little confused:s which one shows results... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Ultrashape, Velashape and Liposonix?

Are these different technologies or same technologies by different companies? What are the prices of each (in Montreal)? Which is most effective?... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Massager Does the Same Thing As Liposonix and UltraShape?

I did some research, my conclusion is that Ultrasonic massager does the same thing as Liposonix and Ultrashape. I just want to have a some input from... READ MORE

Is Ultrashape the Same As the Home Based Treatment Cavislim?

Is the home based cavislim as effective as ultrashape and is the specifications of the machine similar READ MORE

Difference Between UltraShape and Ultrasound Massager?

Both UltraShape and Ultrasound massager have the same Power: 8 Watts, Frequency/penetration: 1 Mhz, adjustable intensities. What is the difference... READ MORE

Ultrashape vs. CoolSculpting?

I am a 43 year old 113 lb., 5'4", fit female who wishes to get rid of my abdominal fat. I wish to lose 2-3 inches in abdominal circumference and can... READ MORE

Is Low Frequency Ultrasound (20-32 KHZ) for Lipolysis As Effective As High Frequency Ultrasound?

I have reviewed a few studies in Europe that have proven Low Frequency Ultrasound for lipolysis (20-32 KHZ) more affective then High frequency... READ MORE

Vanquish vs ultrashape?

My practice is considering a non-invasive fat reduction device. Which have you seen better, more consistent results for a broad area, vanquish or... READ MORE

Ultra shape or coolsculpting?

I want to ask is ultra shape a procedure which is totally different from coolsculpting? Can I ask how better results can I get from ultra shape, and... READ MORE

Can you explain the difference between Ultra Shape and Ultrasonic Cavitation with RF?

I'm just wondering if both of these are in actuality the same thing (since they are both ultrasound mediums), how big a treatment area is, how long a... READ MORE

What is the difference between UltraShape and SculpSure?

I'm looking to lose an inch or 2 off my abdominal, is one better than the other? READ MORE

What is Ultrasonic Liposuction? and the Differences Between Regular Lipo and Ultrashape?

Hi there, I am looking for information on the differences between traditional liposuction or a tummy tuck as opposed to ultrasonic lipo or even... READ MORE

cool sculpting, ultra shape, or sculpt sure?

I have heard from other doctors from real self that it can take from a minimum of 90 days to see results from coolscuplting, and with ultrahsape and... READ MORE

NYC Ultrashape vs CoolSculpting? 19 yrs old

I've been asking many questions about Coolsculpting but my concern with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia has stopped me from going through with it and... READ MORE

What is the difference between UltraShape and CoolSculpting? Is one clearly a winner over the other?

I have been reading about Coolsculpting and recently came across UltraShape. I want to know what the difference is and if one is a clear winner over... READ MORE

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