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Ultrashape with Smart Lipo or Tumescent Lipo?

Which is better for the belly area with excess skin, Ultrashape with Smart Lipo or Tumescent Liposuction ? What are the pros and cons of each procedure? READ MORE

Can Home Ultrasonic Bodyshapers Produce Results Similar to UltraShape?

I've been considering a non-invasive fat loss procedure, like Ultrashape, or the likes. I'm curious if close to, or similar fat reduction results... READ MORE

Ultrashape for Love Handles and Bra Fat?

I am 5'1, about 110 lbs and really interested in Ultrashape. I work out but can never seem to lose the fat around my tummy and sides (love handles) as... READ MORE

Impact of Alcohol on Ultrashape?

Thoughts on impact? Generally, I eat clean and drink little. But I had my 3rd treatment on thighs yesterday and had a few drinks and heavy meal with... READ MORE

What is the difference between UltraShape and SculpSure?

I'm looking to lose an inch or 2 off my abdominal, is one better than the other? READ MORE

What constitutes a treatment area for Ultrashape?

When receiving the Ultrashape treatment, would the entire abdomen be considered a treatment area, or would the lower and upper abs be treated and... READ MORE

Fat Loss Technique for Older Women?

I'm a healthy and generally fit 61 year old woman who has gained extra fat around the waist and abdomen post menopause. I'm interested in Ultrashape... READ MORE

Can Ultrashape of the abdomen be performed in the presence of a small umbilical hernia?

I have a small umbilical hernia that surfaced after 2 pregnancies. Last pregnancy was 4 years ago. Can I have Ultrashape performed to my abdomen... READ MORE

I am looking at UltraShape to reduce stubborn tummy fat. I have read mixed reviews on pain and results.

Should I do anything I preparation for ultra shape treatment to maximize my results i.e. Drinking lots of water? READ MORE

I want to reduce fat on my abdomen. Should I do lipo or ultrashape? (Photo)

27 year old female. Good health. No health conditions or concerns. READ MORE

Why does UltraShape sometimes cause blisters?

I had 1 treatment on my abdomen and halfway into the treatment, my whole upper abdomen area got blistery. Tiny blisters all over that subsided after... READ MORE

How many times can ultrashape be performed on the same treatment area?

I'm curious how many treatments I can have done with ultrashape on my abdomen and if there is a limit. READ MORE

By how much can circumference reduction be achieved via ultrashape in the upper arms?

Ive seen the records where they say from 1-3 inches in the abdominal area but none about arms. READ MORE

How soon can I get Ultrashape after lipo?

Hello, I'm 2 months post lipo on back, flanks and abdomen. How soon can I do ultrashape? I have some uneven areas. I am trying to smooth out the area.... READ MORE

I have a shount in my head that has a tube that runs in my abdomen for drainage. Liposuction alternatives?

I have been considering Liposuction but I'm looking for an alternative. Since my tube runs in my stomach for drainage I'm curious if this procedure is... READ MORE

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