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Can Ultherapy Be Used Directly Under the Eye? Are There Alternatives?

Is ultherapy an effective treatment for under eye wrinkles? READ MORE

Ultherapy vs ThermiSF; which procedure will give the BEST result for skin tightening for jowls & top of the neck?

I am 64 and I have jowls and would like my jawline to look tighter,as well as,the top of my neck. I realize that Ultheraphy & Thermi are both... READ MORE

When Will Ultherapy Be Available for the Lips?

What are the results like in the studies for Ulthera on the lips? How long lasting is the treatment? READ MORE

Is there a laser or peel recommended for sleep wrinkles on my cheeks? (photo)

I had Ultherapy 2 months ago and so far the results are subtle but I'm very happy and optimistic. My problem is the wrinkles I have on the left side... READ MORE

Skin Looser After Ulthera?

I am 39 and had Ulthera of my face and neck 2 1/2 mos ago. I reportedly had double the number of lines that are typically given in the deeper tissues.... READ MORE

Best treatment for wrinkles around mouth after Ulthera treatment?

I had Ulthera treatment around my mouth 6 months ago. I still have fine wrinkles around my mouth. What do you recommend to eliminate these wrinkles ? READ MORE

Please explain my negative results from ultherapy - I would have provided more info - but had a letter count limit. (photo)

2 mos post ultherapy my lower face seemed to collapse with much deeper vertical wrinkles under my cheeks & a gaunt expression. My already prominent... READ MORE

Can ulthera be used for my under eye wrinkles? How many treatments needed? If not, what will work? (Photo)

I have Been bothered FOR the past copule of years by the wrinkles under my eyes specially my left eye. It is getting worse. Significantly more than my... READ MORE

New Transducer That Can Be Used Directly on the Eyelids?

Hi, at my consultation today, the consultant has mentioned that there is now a new transducer that can be used directly on eyelids for lifting and... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs Fraxel for under eye smile wrinkles only?

I was wondering if I should get Ultherapy or Fraxel for tightening under the eye and minimizing crows feet when smiling. I am looking for low downtime... READ MORE

Ultherapy for men in late 20s - useful long-term? Helps delay future wrinkles?

Will doing Ultherapy just one time at an age of 28 help me age more slowly, wrinkles come slower, look younger longer as I age through my 30s and... READ MORE

Is there any other treatment better then or equal to Ultherapy?

I would like to know is there any other treatments better or equal then ultherapy? I have saggy skin around my cheecks and wrinkles around my eyes.... READ MORE

One eye is smaller than the other by a noticeable amount. How can I fix this without surgery? (photos)

My right eye is smaller than my left -- at least with the appearance of the eyelids. It really bothers me. This is a picture of my face AFTER having... READ MORE

I am a 57 year old woman looking for effective treatment of wrinkles on my decolletage. My doctor suggested ultherapy?

I'm looking for opinions on the efficacy of this treatment or recommendations for alternative treatments. Important to note that I am working on... READ MORE

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