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How Long Until you are Proficient in the Use of Ulthera?

Is there a special art to having Ulthera treatment because my Plastic Surgeon has only used the machine for 3months. Should I find a more experienced... READ MORE

What Does Ulthera Actually Treat?

My question is regarding what Ulthera actually treats. I know it is used to firm saging skin but does it do so by eliminating wrinkles as well or does... READ MORE

I had ultherapy treatment 2.5 weeks ago and still track marks have not healed? (Photos)

I still have the track marks. I am afraid that these track marks will not go away. They look like lines along my jawline and also with little dots. I... READ MORE

Difference between treatments HIFU, ulthera and ultherapy?

I would like to know what the difference is between hifu treatment and ultherapy? For example if you had fillers and Botox several months ago are you... READ MORE

Fat atrophy after Ultherapy? (Photos)

I am seriously considering on getting Ultherapy soon; full face and neck. I have read on Realself that some women said they had loss/melting of fat... READ MORE

Best treatment for wrinkles and laxity on neck and chest? (Photo)

I would like to improve the tone of my neck and remove wrinkles due to sun damage on my chest. I have had IPL, and that improved the blotchiness. I... READ MORE

Fillers or Should I Try Ulthera/Exilis? (photos)

I'm 37 year old and I would to get a opinion on the best treatment for a more youthful face. I have heard great things about Ulthera and Exilis but... READ MORE

Of the two treatments, Radio frequency or & Ultherapy, which one is best for lifting and tightening sagging skin?

I have very good skin tone, with I no wrinkles on my skin, but my skin is beginning to sag, especially around the cheeks and jaw line. Which treatment... READ MORE

Do the nightmare Ultherapy reviews match the doctors' experiences?

Just plunked down a deposit on Ultherapy and then started reading SUPER-scary reviews on RealSelf. For the doctors on here: do you have any words of... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs. Thermage CPT for area between brow and eye lid?

Which treatment is preferred for area between brown and eyelid? I do not need a lift in the actual brow, rather I need tightening and collagen... READ MORE

Nefertiti vs Ultherapy (ultrasound) for jaw line and lower chin lifting? Which is the latest and safest method 2016?

Am 36 and a thyroid patient i want to know the best treatment between Nefertiti vs Ultherapy (ultrasound) for jaw line and lower chin lifting? which... READ MORE

Ultherapy, how much application until it's considered too much?

I've been looking into ultherapy & have a question about frequency. Ultherapy is ultrasound energy that focuses deep beneath the skin and... READ MORE

Is it safe and effective to do ultherapy to solve eye bags problem?

I did lower eyelid surgery 3 years ago to remove my eye bags , unfortunately it is not successful and I still have bad puffiness under my eyes and... READ MORE

How often can you get ulthera treatments in a year?

I had 2 treatments of ulthera and I m very pleased but I take blood pressure medicine is it safe to get more treatments? READ MORE

After receiving Ultherapy treatment is been 5 days and I still look like a chipmunk?

I also feel my cheeks swell. My chin is still very thick, i still have bruces by the jaw line. I would like to know if this is normal. Thank you very... READ MORE

Can any treatment work for fat removal on top of shoulders where bra strap goes? (photo)

I want to reduce the fat that is near my bra strap and a very small buffalo hump. I've been told this area has too many nerves to use lipo or... READ MORE

Can Ulthera nerve issues be resolved?

I had ulthera done three days ago and did not receive numbing treatment. The procedure was done on my brows, was only painful on one side, but I... READ MORE

Does hifu/ultherapy have any significant side effects?

I had a hifu treatment focussing on my forehead area and mouth yesterday. To be honest I went into it fairly blind and had purchased a discounted... READ MORE

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