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What Risks Are Involved with Ultherapy?

What are the poential risks of ultherapy? What should one consider before having this treatment? READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Cause Natural Face Volume Loss (Not from Fat Graft or Fillers, but Natural Fat)?

I'm considering ulthera for lifting my jowl area, upper & lower cheeks. I have good volume but some sagging.I don't want to lose my natural cheek... READ MORE

Does Anyone Forsee Any Long Term Possible Side Effects from Ulthera? Since It is So New.

I am wondering if anyone thinks Ulthera Treatment could have any long term side effects years from now ? Could heating the skin from underneath ever... READ MORE

Risks of Ulthera After Juvederm?

I spent $1800 on Juvederm injections and botox last week. I am scheduled for ultherapy this week. Will the ultherapy affect the Juvederm; I love the... READ MORE

Can Ulthera Droop the Corner of the Mouth Due to Nerve Damage? Should I Avoid Doing This Near my Mouth?

Can Ulthera droop the corner of the mouth due to nerve damage? Should I avoid doing this near my mouth? I have a marionette lines and droopy jowls. I... READ MORE

Risks of Having Ulthera over Fillers?

I understand many doctors believe Ulthera can dissolve fillers. Besides Dissolving fillers, what other possible side effects are there of doing... READ MORE

I Had a Permanent Filler in my Nasal Area and Along the Mouth. Can I Still Do Ulthera or Are There Risks Associated with It.

I Had a Permanent Filler in my Nasal Area and Along the Mouth.  Can I Still Do Ulthera or Are There Risks Associated with It. READ MORE

Ultherapy and Micro Droplet Silicone Injections?

Have there been any complications or issues performing ultherapy on patients who've received medical grade silicone as a filler? Over the years I have... READ MORE

If You Have Lichen Planus, Can You Have Ulthera? Would Ulthera Trigger That?

A long time ago I was told I have lichen planus. There is faint lacy pattern on my legs. I have not noticed any other signs and none on my face. Would... READ MORE

Have Any Cases of Facial Distortion Been Reported with Ulthera?

How does the practitioner control an even delivery of energy? Is it okay for an aesthetician to do this treatment? saggy chin READ MORE

Can You Get Ultherapy if You've Had Facial Implant (Done Years Ago)

Can You Get Ultherapy if You've Had Facial Implant (Done Years Ago) READ MORE

Is it safe to have Ultherapy while trying to concieve?

I am 35 and my face has started heading south. I'm trying to conceive and will be having an artificial insemination next week. I am aware that I won't... READ MORE

Coumadin and Ultherapy?

I would like to have Ultherapy done on my face and neck. I am on Coumadin and my INR is between 2.0 and 2.5. I have had botox, juverderm and skintight... READ MORE

Can you do microneedling after having ultherapy?

I have heard that you can actually age skin by doing too much. I had ultherapy about 3 months ago on mu neck. Is there any risk in microneedling now?... READ MORE

Is it safe to have ultherapy after medical grade silicone injections?

I have had a number of medical-grade silicone injections but none for the past two years. Would Ultherapy be a safe option for me? Thank you! READ MORE

Should I have ultherapy after being diagnosed with scleroderma?

Recently diagnosed with limited scleroderma, mostly noticeable in my hands which are slightly puffy and tight. No other visible symptoms. I did... READ MORE

I want a subtle skin lift. I'm 34. Am I too young for Ultherapy?

I would like to err on the side of safety as I know the results can be poor. I want a very subtle change and am Caucasian 5'7 140 lbs. What is my best... READ MORE

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