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How Long Does It Take to See Ulthera Results?

Oh no!! I just did a Ulthera treatment in Seoul recently. It cost me US$2700. Do you think it worth it or I'm wasting my money ??? Hmmmmm, I don't see... READ MORE

Best Age to Have Ulthera Done?

I am 60 years old. Am I too old for Ulthera? Can It Be Repeated? READ MORE

Risks of Ulthera After Juvederm?

I spent $1800 on Juvederm injections and botox last week. I am scheduled for ultherapy this week. Will the ultherapy affect the Juvederm; I love the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Dramatic Ultherapy Results After 30 Days?

Why is it the some Ultherapy patients get fantastic results after 30 days and some do not get results until 2-3 months? Do younger patients typically... READ MORE

How Long Until you are Proficient in the Use of Ulthera?

Is there a special art to having Ulthera treatment because my Plastic Surgeon has only used the machine for 3months. Should I find a more experienced... READ MORE

Why Am I Not Seeing Results After Two Weeks out from Ulthera and Sculptra Same Day ?

I had ultherapy two weeks ago followed immediately with 2 vials of sculptra. Presently, I see no improvement. Why? READ MORE

Ultherapy - how long do results last? Other treatments out there with longer results?

I went in for a " ultherapy" consultatio. I was told in my "ultherapy" consultation today i was told results last 5 to 7 years if i was a non smoker.... READ MORE

Just How Much Can Be Expected of 1.7-1.9 Mm of Lifting from Ultherapy?

I am 42 with slightly relaxed skin on my jawline & under my chin. I've read about Ultherapy and am considering it. Some of the published pics... READ MORE

Please explain my negative results from ultherapy - I would have provided more info - but had a letter count limit. (photo)

2 mos post ultherapy my lower face seemed to collapse with much deeper vertical wrinkles under my cheeks & a gaunt expression. My already prominent... READ MORE

Has Ulthera Ever Been Used (Intentionally or Not) to Correct a Bad Fat Transfer to the Face?

Several doctors on this site advise Ulthera candidates to have the procedure done before fat transfer because Ult could reduce the results of FT. Has... READ MORE

Does the Individual Clinic/office Determine Costs, or is That Set by the Ultherapy Company

If the promised results were not seen after 6 months who would be responsible for determining if another treatment could be done on me for reduced... READ MORE

After Ultherapy procedure, what things shouldn't I do?

I was told to not any hot sauna or hot yoga or any extrem sports But I took a shower with HOT water for about 20,30minutes Is it going to make the... READ MORE

I lost 12 lbs 2 months after my ultherapy treatment. will this ruin the result permanently?

I have no photos, but I am hoping because it was only 2- 21/2 post ulthera that it will get back to the GOOD result I had at the 2 month mark. now my... READ MORE

Why do some women get little to no ultherapy results and others get unspeakable results?

Firstly, the marketing is so deceptive. I would never willingly bake my face with that heat. I had no idea! I have a few friends who did it with... READ MORE

I read about ultratherapy and I feel confused; the results are controversial?

I read a lot of ultratherapy to lift the face...some people got very good results but for some others it was catastrophic!!! They said ultratherapy... READ MORE

If I maintain ultherapy results by getting it redone every yr or 2 or as needed, can results be maintained indefinitely? (photo)

I am 51 and scheduled for ultherapy full face and treatment in December. Although I am 50 I am just beginning to experience the signs of aging... READ MORE

2 months post op Ultherapy, I gain weight. Will it affect my results?

Its been 2 months since my ultherapy around my jawline for my double chin. Over the 2 months, i have gained 15 pounds. I was planning on losing the... READ MORE

Why does Ultherapy give good results in some folks and bad results in others?

There are some horrifying stories and pictures , but some people look great after doing it . Does experience and the technique of the injector have... READ MORE

Is it possible to see positive changes from ulthera after a month, and then have them disappear?

I have had ulthera performed to lower face before and had excellent results after a month and a half lost 16 pounds due to illness and lost the result... READ MORE

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