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After Ulthera Saggy Chin and Welt Inside Mouth?

I had Ulthera yesterday - a very good experience as far as the clinic, but my under-chin area is significantly worse. I sent pix to the nurse who... READ MORE

Dents in Chin After Ultherapy?

I had a full face Ultherapy treatment about three weeks ago. I did have a couple of nodules near my mouth and temple that with massage have since... READ MORE

Why Do They Ask You if You Have Cancer When You Have Ulthera Consultation?

Can Ulthera activate or accelerate certain cancers? Thank You READ MORE

Why does Ultherapy cause eyelid ptosis in almost 50 percent of patients? (Photo)

6 month follow up picture I have seen dozens of photos of Ultherapy before and afters with the same problem. My doctor won't address this. The brows... READ MORE

Why does Ultherapy give good results in some folks and bad results in others?

There are some horrifying stories and pictures , but some people look great after doing it . Does experience and the technique of the injector have... READ MORE

Why do doctors continue using Ultherapy with so many patients reporting negative side effects?

So sooo many people are unhappy with ultherapy results. Not because of undertreatment, but because of scary, unwanted changes, like more sagging,... READ MORE

Why do some Ultherapy places use 110 lines for the forehead, but every time I see it on TV, they only do a few lines?

Kathie Lee had maybe 5 or 10. I had 120 on my forehead and it was way too much for me. My brows feel stuck to my head. Them I heard I was only to get... READ MORE

Why do Ultherapy results range from good to poor?

I had Ultherapy 6 months ago, done in a reputable plastic surgeons office. I do not see much improvement. I have read where this procedure is very... READ MORE

I was electrocuted 5 months after Ultherapy. Why would this happen?

Spa is on, could refurb transducers contribute to this or do you think I had a freak reaction/neurotransmitters?Was struck and face... READ MORE

Are there any reasons that a person on Rivaroxaban should not have Ultherapy?

I am a 53 year old woman who had a stroke in May 2014. I had a clot removed from my brain and I have since recovered fully. The neurologist has put me... READ MORE

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