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Scars from Ultherapy permanent? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done about 6 weeks ago. The doctor did half of my face and then told the nurse to take over. The half the nurse did swelled massively... READ MORE

I Had a Permanent Filler in my Nasal Area and Along the Mouth. Can I Still Do Ulthera or Are There Risks Associated with It.

I Had a Permanent Filler in my Nasal Area and Along the Mouth.  Can I Still Do Ulthera or Are There Risks Associated with It. READ MORE

I had Ultherapy done 8 months ago and I had nerve trauma. Am I at risk of permanent damage due to the long time period?

The right side of my lip is noticeably droopingI Aso have other damage but the lip on one side seems to have the most.I was told by a doctor that is... READ MORE

How long will my mouth droop after the ultherapy treatment?

I had the ultherapy done and the right side of my mouth now droops when I talk and smile. I had a facelift 20 years ago so could my nerves have moved?... READ MORE

Are these Perioral Mounds? (Photo)

Will Ultherapy work to lift or get rid of it or would I need some kind of microliposuction? I am 37 yrs old and in the last month I've noticed this.I... READ MORE

Lopsided smile after Ultherapy. Is this permanent? What should I do? (Photo)

3 weeks ago I had what I thought was an Ultherapy treatment on my lower face. The procedure was insanely painful and I was swollen for nearly two... READ MORE

Exilis vs Ultherapy. Are they permanent? Which procedure would I get better results?

Would like to know the difference between these two procedures? And, if it's worth it. I know I need a mini-tummy tuck or maybe even a full but can't... READ MORE

Can someone explain what is permanent about Ultherapy?

The bottom of my face looks great, very tight. I have a bit of a "chunky monkey" face, so perhaps I got lucky? My eyes have a stoned look, like... READ MORE

Will my face go back to normal after Ultherapy?

I had ultherapy on lower face the day before face looks very asymmetrical now around my cheeks and jawline.. it looks sort of droopy... READ MORE

3 weeks post ultherapy, why is one corner of my mouth going down on one side? (Photo)

What is causing this? And is it permanent? One side of my mouth looks like it's pulled down! Please help! Is this permanent? I don't think it's a... READ MORE

Why are so many patients writing about how Ultherapy took their skin elasticity away permanently along with fat cell destroy?

It is true? What is the cause? Can it be avoided? Are there safer alternative achieving the same/better effect? READ MORE

Ultherapy and jawline botox, now lower face looks narrow. Is this permanent?

I had ultherapy on lower face and neck few weeks ago, with jawline botox and on the neck muscles (called nefertiti lift). The dr told me it will help... READ MORE

Can I have facial Ultherapy on permanent filler like Aquamid? Is it safe?

I had aqaumid on my both cheek and nasolabial fold for 8 years. It's OK, no infection, no granuloma or migratory. Last years, I suggested that my... READ MORE

What is happening to my eyes after ultherapy? (3 weeks after). (photos)

I had ultherapy/HIFU done from lower eyelids to my neck. I think the dr used the same transducer everywhere, and I read that a different transducer is... READ MORE

Does hifu/ultherapy have any significant side effects?

I had a hifu treatment focussing on my forehead area and mouth yesterday. To be honest I went into it fairly blind and had purchased a discounted... READ MORE

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