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How Often Do Patients Still Get Neck-lifts After Ulthera?

After the ulthera procedure to reshape the neck how likely is it to need to have another neck-lift procedure? Is this a procedure that is better to... READ MORE

Eyebags- I Don't Want Fillers in my Face or Surgery- off Label Can Ultheraphy Work to Reduce the Appearance of Eyebags?

I do not want any form of fillers in my face or surgery , I just want to tighten the skin to improve the appearance of eyebags. Off label can... READ MORE

If I Do a Full Face Ulthera Treatment, Will I No Longer Need to Do Botox on my Brow?

I use botox now to give me a little brow lift and to stop the vertical lines between my eyes...after Ulthera will I no longer need to do the brow lift... READ MORE

I need help. Ultherapy ruined my face. Can I get to back? No I do not and cannot do Botox. (Photo)

I was beautiful before ultherapy. 6 mos later, I am gaunt and any asymmetry I had us magnified 100x. Especially my eyes. They are small and miss... READ MORE

Ultherapy - how long do results last? Other treatments out there with longer results?

I went in for a " ultherapy" consultatio. I was told in my "ultherapy" consultation today i was told results last 5 to 7 years if i was a non smoker.... READ MORE

My eyelid is drooping due to significant fat loss from radiofrequency treatment. How can I fix this?

I am turning 40. I had radiofrequency, ultherapy, and eye thermagy. After the treatments, my upper eyelid became hollow and seems to be sagging due to... READ MORE

Will Ultherapy help festoons or malar bags?

Hoe do I treat that Malar or festoons ? READ MORE

Ultraformer III ( ultherapy) and fillers

Hello. I hope you can help me. I am planning to do Ultraformer III ( ultherapy) treatment in a couple of weeks, but I had fillers injected 6 months... READ MORE

Dents in Chin After Ultherapy?

I had a full face Ultherapy treatment about three weeks ago. I did have a couple of nodules near my mouth and temple that with massage have since... READ MORE

Massive facial wasting after Ultherapy; what can be done to restore my face? Who do I reach out to for help? (Photos)

As doctor pic's show, I have experienced significant fat loss, bone loss, pink/red skin, severe dry eye after a full face Ultherapy treatment by a PS,... READ MORE

How is Oxylift (for home use) different than Ultherapy?

I'm really afraid of the pain I read in the reviews. The website for ulther near me says no pain...! I am 49 & my neck & checks are falling and pale... READ MORE

Repair fat loss in face after Ultherapy? (Photo)

I got ultherapy on my lower face and jaw on approx October 4th and I'm not happy with what is happening to my face. I think it's made me look more... READ MORE

How Does Ultherapy Tighten Skin While Giving it Plumpness?

Is it risky to combine Silikon 1000 with ultherapy? Is it common to have both? READ MORE

What will work for saggy breasts?

I am a youthful looking 58 year old woman. I have full but sagging breasts. I do not want to do anything radical. Will progesterone or estriol cream... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for slight jowls? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done 2 months ago. I wanted to do something preventative and to keep my skin looking fresh. I noticed about 1 month after ultherapy I... READ MORE

Major fat loss from Ultherapy 5 months ago. (Photo)

Please tell me the protocal for fat loss due To ultherapy? Everyday my face is collapsing! The jaw line is the worst, the lines are now thick creases... READ MORE

Ultherapy fat loss and skin sagging. Performed at plastic surgeon's office in Toronto (Photo)

I had Ultherapy performed on my full face on Sept 28th & now 3 months later experiencing fat loss and tissue damage. My skin sags and my jawline is no... READ MORE

I'm considering Ulthera but it has awful reviews. Volume loss after a year. What's going on w/ that procedure, any alternatives?

I was considering Ilthera but it has such awful reviews. It seems the first year everyone is very happy with the results and then after that it goes... READ MORE

How can I add volume to my face? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done six months ago and my face looks scrawny and older. I don't know if it's volume loss or the tightening made the volume loss more... READ MORE

How can I sue Ultherapy?

My face is ruined from fat loss and I need surgery in one eye from ptosis. They have to go behind the muscle and tighten it. This was the worst thing... READ MORE

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