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Ulthera, Chin Implant and Fat Fillers. In Which Order Should I Do These Treatments?

Went to 2 plastics surgeons about a face lift. Both said I should get a chin implant along with the facelift. I have lost a lot of weight and I'm 60... READ MORE

Ultherapy, fillers and IPL. How long after IPL should I wait before doing Ultherapy?

I get regular IPL facials and I would like to get Ultherapy, how long after IPL should I wait before doing Ultherapy? Also what about fillers? How... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy and Thermage have an inflating effect on the face?

I'm 49.I had ulthera 18 months ago and thermage 7 months ago and PRP twice. since the ulthera my cheeks (especially lower cheeks) look pretty inflated... READ MORE

I would like to get Ultherapy and a Vampire Facelift. Which one should I do first? How long should I wait between procedures?

I had planned on getting Ultherapy first then start the Vampire Facelift the following week or so. For best results should I change my plan? Is there... READ MORE

RF after Ultherapy. Would it enhance results or have any negative effects?

I wanted to know your thoughts on having an RF treatment after having Ultherapy. Would it enhance results or have any negative affects? I only had my... READ MORE

How long after Ultherapy must I wait to do Thermitight?

I am thinking that ultherapy combined with a later treatment of thermitight might give robust results because they build collagen at different levels?... READ MORE

Ultherapy/Thermage With Continued Fat Loss?

1. Many reviewers feel facial Ultherapy or facial Thermage causes continued uncontrollable fat wasting as a side effect. Is Ultherapy the same as... READ MORE

Is is possible to do Ultheraphy and Fraxel Re:pair on the same day?

I have had 5 R:pairs done at 70mj-60%, with the last in 2011. I am a 67 year old man who is considering a facelift as a retirement gift to myself when... READ MORE

Should I use tetracycline after ultherapy?

I've been taking tetracycline for my dermatitis, but I consider discontinuing taking them as I want maximum effect of Ultherapy. Will tetracycline... READ MORE

Can I get Ultherapy with Radiesse fillers?

I had fillers placed under my eyes. The Dr. used Radiesse and my eyes look worse. It has been 2 1/2 years and the medicine still shows. I considered... READ MORE

Can I do Ultrashape immediately after I-Lipo treatments?

I am currently doing a series of 4 I-Lipo treatments to my lower abdominal and flank area. After that I will be doing a set of 3 Ultrashape treatments... READ MORE

Is it advisable to get Ultherapy several months after botox and voluma?

I had Voluma ,1 vial put in my cheekbones 18 months ago and about 40 units of botox 6 months it safe to get ultherapy now? READ MORE

Can I get full face/neck Ultherapy 3 days prior to Neck Lipo Surgery?

I've seen the recommendation from some docs is to do it the same day or wait 6 months after neck Lipo but what if I get full face/neck Ultherapy on a... READ MORE

Ultherapy 2 months before lower kid laser blepharoplasty - can it be promoting the healing process, specifically crepey skin?

I had a lower lid laser blepharoplasty 3 days ago. I'm surprised by quite limited swelling and bruising which I anticipated would be more extensive... READ MORE

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