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Ultherapy Yesterday; Lip Very Swollen, Eyes Swollen, Chin Bruised. Options?

I had my ultherapy treatment yesterday, The technician also did my upper lip,I have a slight amount of swelling around my eyes and a bit under my chin... READ MORE

When Will Ultherapy Be Available for the Lips?

What are the results like in the studies for Ulthera on the lips? How long lasting is the treatment? READ MORE

I had Ultherapy done 8 months ago and I had nerve trauma. Am I at risk of permanent damage due to the long time period?

The right side of my lip is noticeably droopingI Aso have other damage but the lip on one side seems to have the most.I was told by a doctor that is... READ MORE

How Long After Ultherapy Do I Need to Wait Before Getting Lip Waxing?

I had Ultherapy 3 days ago. How long must I wait before I get the area above my lips waxed? READ MORE

‚ÄčI had Ultherapy today and my smile is asymmetrical on my lower part of the lips. Is this normal?

I had Ultherapy today (lower face only) and my smile is very asymmetrical now. The nurse attributed this to swelling but I'm not sure (no swelling is... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy peformed between the upper lip & center below the nose? Also is it safe & done in the center of the forehead?

One Ultherapy office said it was not performed above the upper lip and above the enter of the eyebrows and forehead and another office told me that... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy 6 days ago (3/16) on my neck and lips. Is this normal? Will this affect my results? (Photo)

Hi there. My ultherapy neck and lip treatment was 3/16/15. My neck feels like it's burned on the surface and I have these welt like lines. Part one of... READ MORE

Left lower lip is not working properly and numbness on the left lower cheek after Ultherapy. (photos)

I got ultherapy 2 days ago and noticed that my lower left lip is not moving or working properly. My smile line changes and I'm having a hard time... READ MORE

Ultra Therapy and Lip Filler? (photos)

I had Ultra Therapy done a few weeks ago. I've read so many negative reviews about it that I'm praying that I haven't wasted my money. Also after... READ MORE

Could my lips be chronically inflamed from Ultherapy? (Photo)

I did ultherapy along with botox in several areas a while ago. I didnt do fillers. My lips were having weird changes. The scariest of them is my lips... READ MORE

Does an Ulthera lip lift really work? Does anyone have any photos?

They are offering this at my spa for $299. I just did my upper face for $450 250 shots with the 3 cm. The deal is up in 2 days. Is this worth it? Can... READ MORE

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