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Can Ultherapy cause fat loss when getting it done on the cheek area?

I'm looking into getting ultherapy done on the cheek area to tighten up and lift my midface - basically the area from cheekbones to chin. I'm 38 and... READ MORE

If I Do a Full Face Ulthera Treatment, Will I No Longer Need to Do Botox on my Brow?

I use botox now to give me a little brow lift and to stop the vertical lines between my eyes...after Ulthera will I no longer need to do the brow lift... READ MORE

How Does the Discomfort Level from an Ulthera Ultrasound Face Lift Compare to Other Procedures?

What level of pain should be expected during the Ulthera treatment and afterwards? Is the pain from a traditional face lift completely different? Is... READ MORE

Does Ulthera Work As an Eyebrow Lift on Young People Also?

Hi everyone, I'm very young but think my brows are a bit low(not extremely, but if I elevate them about 2mm it looks better).I don't want... READ MORE

Can ultherapy be used on breasts? (Photo)

I am 28 and had 400cc implants for 8 yrs (18-26), then had them removed. Thankfully they are only mildly saggy. I don't feel they are saggy enough to... READ MORE

Just How Much Can Be Expected of 1.7-1.9 Mm of Lifting from Ultherapy?

I am 42 with slightly relaxed skin on my jawline & under my chin. I've read about Ultherapy and am considering it. Some of the published pics... READ MORE

What is a curl lift ? Does it work ? Is it new procedure ? What is better ultherapy or curl lift ?

One doctor is proposing curl lift while another one is saying curl lift is giving more results , could you please tell me what is better ? READ MORE

New Transducer That Can Be Used Directly on the Eyelids?

Hi, at my consultation today, the consultant has mentioned that there is now a new transducer that can be used directly on eyelids for lifting and... READ MORE

Ulthera for my neck (Photo)

Does Ulthera really help to tighten and lift the area under the chin and on the rest of the neck? I understand it doesn't replace a facelift. I was... READ MORE

What part of face would Ultherapy be performed for brow lift?

I've called a few doctors to get an idea of pricing for the brow lift with ultherapy & was told something different w/each practice. One said they... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy performed on the forehead (brow lift) affect the frontal lobe of the brain in any way?

I have not been able to find anything on this subject online. I know Ultherapy is concentrated energy at a depth of about 4.5mm, but just want to be... READ MORE

I'm 57 years old and considering Ultherapy to lift my neck and eyes. Am I too old? And how do I find an expert? (photo)

I am researching non-surgical "lift" procedures as I'm not a good candidate for surgery (I cannot have epinephrine). I too old for Ultherapy? The best... READ MORE

Will ultherapy be effective as a brow lift if I had botox on my forehead a month ago?

Will Ultherapy be effective as a brow lift if I had Botox on my forehead a month ago? READ MORE

What is the most ulthera lines you have done for a browlift?

I am petite and was looking for a subtle brow-lift. The nurse gave me 60 lines on one brow and 30 on the other. I have complications now. Is this... READ MORE

How does the pain of Ultherapy compare to the pain of IPL at its highest setting?

I've had IPL at its highest setting with topical lidocaine and it was tolerable, but not sure I'll do it again. I'm considering Ultherapy for... READ MORE

Can I have facial Ultherapy on permanent filler like Aquamid? Is it safe?

I had aqaumid on my both cheek and nasolabial fold for 8 years. It's OK, no infection, no granuloma or migratory. Last years, I suggested that my... READ MORE

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