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Ulthera and Fillers

Because of some uneven facial liposuction, I was left with uneven contours in the mid/lower face and along the jawline. In an attempt to correct this,... READ MORE

Safe to Have Ulthera if You Have Had Sculptra, Restylane or Juvederm?

I keep hearing mixed things. I've read it is not suitable for people who have had dermal fillers, but then I also read articles from doctors... READ MORE

Ulthera, Botox and Fillers, Laser Resurfacing. In Which Order Should I Have Them?

I am determined to keep my skin as flawless as possible for a long time. I plan on doing Ulthera, botox and fillers, laser resurfacing, but I don't... READ MORE

Risks of Having Ulthera over Fillers?

I understand many doctors believe Ulthera can dissolve fillers. Besides Dissolving fillers, what other possible side effects are there of doing... READ MORE

Botox Before Ultherapy?

If I get Botox one or two weeks before having an Uletherapy treatment will the longevity of the botox be affected by the Ultherapy? READ MORE

Ultraformer III ( ultherapy) and fillers

Hello. I hope you can help me. I am planning to do Ultraformer III ( ultherapy) treatment in a couple of weeks, but I had fillers injected 6 months... READ MORE

Will Ultherapy Destroy Existing Fillers?

I have been using fillers (Restylane & Radiese) in the cheek & nasal labial area for a few years. I also have dental implants. His does... READ MORE

Fat loss after Ultherapy? If it doesn't cause fat loss, why do faces get so much narrower after treatment?

1) Fat loss--why do faces get thinner after ultherapy? 2) If you do lose fat permanently from Ultherapy, what are your options and how soon can you do... READ MORE

Ulthera, Chin Implant and Fat Fillers. In Which Order Should I Do These Treatments?

Went to 2 plastics surgeons about a face lift. Both said I should get a chin implant along with the facelift. I have lost a lot of weight and I'm 60... READ MORE

Is It OK to Have Ulthera Done if You've Had Sculptra Injections?

I'm wondering if Ulthera is inadvisable if a patient has had Sculptra injections. And I'm also curious about the inverse: is it best to wait... READ MORE

Ultherapy, fillers and IPL. How long after IPL should I wait before doing Ultherapy?

I get regular IPL facials and I would like to get Ultherapy, how long after IPL should I wait before doing Ultherapy? Also what about fillers? How... READ MORE

I Had a Permanent Filler in my Nasal Area and Along the Mouth. Can I Still Do Ulthera or Are There Risks Associated with It.

I Had a Permanent Filler in my Nasal Area and Along the Mouth.  Can I Still Do Ulthera or Are There Risks Associated with It. READ MORE

I Have Gold Threads in my Cheeks and Chin(implanted 11years Ago), is It Safe to Consider Ulherapy?

I am 50 years old woman. Had gold threads implanted 11 years ago. Also have juvederm, teosyl, restilyne fillers in my cheeks, chin, forehead. Is it... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs fillers or lipo for a stronger jaw? (photos)

I'm interested in a more prone jawline & chin. I went to a consultation considering fillers but the Doc told me that gravity would actually take a... READ MORE

Will ultherapy interfere with my existing facial fillers?

I am interested in an ultherapy treatment but have existing fillers such as juvederm and voluma. Will an ultherapy treatment have an affect on this?... READ MORE

To minimize the angry 11, eye bags and lines around the mouth, would Ultherapy and Fraxel be my best bet?

I have got radiesse and juverderm around the mouth for the lines. It has only lasted 3 months each time I got it. I got an eyelid lift and my eyes... READ MORE

Can you have Ultherapy done after receiving fillers?

Can you have ultherapy done after receiving fillers? I heard you have to wait a few months as the heat could melt the fillers? I was thinking about... READ MORE

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