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What is the Difference Between Ulthera and Harmony®XL (Laser 360)?

I tried Ulthera but really didn't see any change at all, although I am nowhere near the age or need for a facelift. I recently heard about the... READ MORE

Is a Second Ultherapy Treatment of Any Benefit?

I'm 35 and had ultherapy done 3 months ago. My results are good. My skin has slightly lifted! I'm thinking I'd like to have yet another... READ MORE

If Welts Occurred After an Ulthera Treatment, Will the Treatment Still Work?

I had a full-face Ulthera treatment yesterday. I developed welting in my cheek area after the treatment. The welts subsided a bit by this morning, but... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Find Deals on Ultherapy?

I know you are not supposed to look for low prices on surgical procedures and fillers but what about ultherapy? Isn't the protocol the same for every... READ MORE

Botox Before Ultherapy?

If I get Botox one or two weeks before having an Uletherapy treatment will the longevity of the botox be affected by the Ultherapy? READ MORE

Is Ultherapy Cost Effective over Several Years?

I'm 42 and have seen a lot of conflicting information online about the longevity of Ultherapy's tightening effect. Some doctors say the effects last... READ MORE

Does Smoking Make Ulthera Ineffective?

I was told that because I smoke Ulthera will not work for me. Is this true? READ MORE

For Best Results in Radiesse Therapy for Cheeks, Do I Need Ultherapy Tightening As Well?

For Best Results in Radiesse Therapy for Cheeks, Do I Need Ultherapy Tightening As Well? READ MORE

I Had a Botox Treatment in Mid Dec. Will Ulthera Still Be Just As Effective?

Would waiting give a better outcome to the Ulthera treatment. It has been 2 months since receiving the box. If the muscle is paralyzed from the Botox... READ MORE

Now That They Have Had the Benefits of Experience Behind Them, Does Ultherapy

I had ultherapy several years back when it first came out. I definitely was far from impressed esp. considering the cost (as were many people I have... READ MORE

Ultherapy: Can You Over-do Ultherapy, Causing Your Skin to Stop Reacting/responding to It?

I have had good results with Ultherapy and plan on repeating the procedure every two years. I would like to know should I ever be concerned that one... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Be Effective when There is No Pain?

Did Ultherapy three years ago (with a top-up after 6 mos) with great results. Both times, it hurt a lot and I was quite sore for 10 days following.... READ MORE

I Experienced Very Little to No Pain During my Ulthera Treatment 30 Days Ago. Does This Mean That I Wont Get Good Results?

After reading on real self about all the painful ulthera treatments, it has me worried that my own treatment a month ago will not produce good results... READ MORE

Caffine Consumption - Would It Affect the Effectiveness of Ultherapy?

Hi, I would like to know if it is OK to consume drinks containing caffeine post-Ultherapy treatment? Would it alter the effectiveness or disrupt the... READ MORE

Dieting and Ulthera?

Hello Doctors, I would like to know if going on a diet right now (i.e. a plan consists of exercising and calories reduction) would counter the... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy and Thermage have an inflating effect on the face?

I'm 49.I had ulthera 18 months ago and thermage 7 months ago and PRP twice. since the ulthera my cheeks (especially lower cheeks) look pretty inflated... READ MORE

Lidocaine, does it lessen the effects?

Hi, I want to have a third Ultherpy treatment but I need lidocaine shots to get through it. I've since heard the shots lesson the effectiveness of the... READ MORE

Surgery After Ultherapy?

Hi, I have Ultherapy scheduled for next week (very exited), and it just happened that I have to have a shoulder surgery performed in a couple of weeks... READ MORE

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