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Long Term Effects of Ultrasound Tightening/Ulthera on the Skin?

I am interested to know what might be the expectations of this type of tightening long term. Should this be of any concern? READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Be Used Directly Under the Eye? Are There Alternatives?

Is ultherapy an effective treatment for under eye wrinkles? READ MORE

Are at-home 3MHZ ultherapy machines that penetrate to 4.5 cm effective?

I am considering purchasing the above mentions unit from the orient. it penetrate 4.5 cm, is 3 MHZ in power .I realize not as strong as the REAL... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Help Festoons or Sagging Skin Under the Eye Area?

I'm not sure if I have festoons or just aging sagging skin under my eyes. When I pull the skin upward I look a lot better/younger. I always thought... READ MORE

Will Ultherapy Work to Reduce the Appearance of Eyebags Cannot Use Fillers or Surgery? (photo)

I was wondering if Ultherapy will work for me here are the photos. I have asthma and a heart condition so anesthesia is out of the question for vanity... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Improve the Appearance of "Smoker's Wrinkles", Deep Vertical Wrinkles Between the Upper Lip and Nose?

I am 55 years old, stopped smoking 10 years ago after smoking for almost 30 years. I have had 3 FX laser treatments performed on this area, which... READ MORE

Does Ultherapy Work for Upper Cheeks?

The little map I've seen for ulthera shows treatment lines from the jaw to the mid cheek and then a narrow treatment area right under the eyes and up... READ MORE

Ulthera for Crows Feet?

I have crows feet and slight lax skin that botox does not correct. I want a laser or peel to improve the eye area. Is Ulthera effective for crows feet... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy Be Effective when There is No Pain?

Did Ultherapy three years ago (with a top-up after 6 mos) with great results. Both times, it hurt a lot and I was quite sore for 10 days following.... READ MORE

Ulthera and People with Muscle Athrophy?

I got a lot of laser that caused my muscle to be a bit more atrophy and wasting. Does ultherapy work on muscle layer? Can it help with people with... READ MORE

Should I take Ultherapy treatment? (photos)

Hi, I am only 29 years old, but I am looked much older than my real age. As the pictures show that my cheeks are getting lower, nasolabial folds are... READ MORE

I recently had Ultherapy done and my doctor mistakenly did the 3.0 depth first (supposed to do 4.5 first) - is that bad?

I'm concerned because I have a tremendous tolerance for pain, and he's done many other somewhat painful procedures on me before and I didn't so much... READ MORE

Threads verse Ultherapy

I am considering having two threads placed on each side of my cheek bone to pull back up the fat pads which have slipped after several rounds of... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy effective at narrowing the sides of the nose?

Is ultherapy effective on nose ? to narrow down the sides. when the results could be noticed on nose and how long would it last ? is ultherapy... READ MORE

Is Sygmalift Fractional HIFU equal to Ulthera and what are the market prices for Ulthera and SygmaLift treatments?

About ultherapy, I know that Ulthera is the only FDA approved ultherapy device. Yet, I've searced SygmaLift Fractional HIFU and my question is coulf... READ MORE

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