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Can Ultherapy be used successfully on the abdomen/stomach? (photos)

I am skinny/fit with slight loose skin (when I bend) from birthing 2 babies. It is simply not enough damage to undergo the knife. Can Ultherapy... READ MORE

How Can Some Places Charge Up to a Thousand Less for Ulthera Than Others? Is There a Diff

I have seen ulthera for so much more (4000) in VA than in FLA or even Beverly Hills -- it costs like 2500 there -- all for the same thing!! How can... READ MORE

Ultherapy Vs. Liposuction For Neck? (photo)

I have a few lbs to loose but neck has always been an issue. Trying to decide what would work best for me ultherpahy or liposuction. What are the... READ MORE

Ultherapy Vs Accent Laser?

Is Ultherapy better than Accent Laser treatment? What are the basic prices of each one? Are there other machines that are better than those produced... READ MORE

Costs For Full Face And Neck Treatment in Inland Empire?

I would like my whole face and neck done.The estimated cost to have this done. Thank You! READ MORE

I asked for pictures of knees done with ultherapy. Are doctors not allowed to show such pictures because that use is off label?

I'm 62 with fat around the knees and lots of sun damage and before I spend $2000 - $3000 on the procedure I'd like to educate myself so that I have a... READ MORE

Deep neck lines and thyroid cyst. Is any improvement possible? (Photo)

I am 33 and have two deep neck rings. I have them since childhood. I feel like everyone is staring at my neck and actually I wear scarf almost every... READ MORE

Could ULTHERAPY Follow-up Maintenance Visits Cost About $1,000 Every Year?

Generally, it seems that a full effect from the initial visit takes 3 months and that the effect may last one year. Afterwards, yearly maintenance... READ MORE

Ultherapy Costs?

When I went for consultation, the told me that I need to do extra lines which cost extra. Is it true that I have an option of it or they just want to... READ MORE

Do I need all this treatment or are they just trying to up-sale me?

A provider has suggested that in addition to full face and neck Ultherapy that they can do "add on's" on top of the full procedures for added benefit... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy laser fix my laugh lines and the fat in my neck and cheeks? (photo)

I always had chubby cheeks even in my 20's. Now that I'm older that converts to the fat on my lower face and neck. My dermatologist suggested... READ MORE

Are these Perioral Mounds? (Photo)

Will Ultherapy work to lift or get rid of it or would I need some kind of microliposuction? I am 37 yrs old and in the last month I've noticed this.I... READ MORE

What is the approximate cost of Ultherapy in the Miami area for 2013?

Prices vary from office to office and it is difficult to locate a preeminent doctor's office since websites each applaud themselves. The non-MD... READ MORE

How are soas charging a full face ultherapy for $1900?

Are they using refurbished/outsourced transducers, and if so, is that legal? Or do they have to comply by Ultherapy standards? The results were... READ MORE

How much does it cost for Ultherapy?

I lost 60lbs now my body and neck is a little saggy and I'm very self conscious now.i dont really care for surgery. READ MORE

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