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Ulthera Vs. Long Term Retin-A Use

I've been using Retin A since my twenties and I'm now 42. Since tretinoin increases collagen, I'm wondering if Ulthera would render any... READ MORE

Botox Before Ultherapy?

If I get Botox one or two weeks before having an Uletherapy treatment will the longevity of the botox be affected by the Ultherapy? READ MORE

Will Ultherapy Destroy Existing Fillers?

I have been using fillers (Restylane & Radiese) in the cheek & nasal labial area for a few years. I also have dental implants. His does... READ MORE

Can I Get Ulthera if I Take Warfarin? If So, Will It Cause Bruising?

I cannot stop warfarin, even for 1 day, and would never have cosmetic surgery, like a neck lift. READ MORE

Can you use Ultherapy on a neck that has had liposuction?

Neck was liposuctioned 10 years ago and is now sagging. Can you use Ultherapy on a neck that has had liposuction? READ MORE

Can I Have Ultherapy After Chemo?

Hi, I had breast cancer and finished 6 month of chemo about 2 weeks ago. I'm starting 2 month radiation in 2 weeks. Is it safe to have ultheray... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Get Ulthera Two or Three Days After Getting Botox?

I am getting ulthera done by a so-so residential nurse on Monday, and botox on Fri. Have had botox before. Is this ok -- I mean, will it make the... READ MORE

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