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Will Ulthera Cause Damage to Facial Nerves?

I want to try the Ulthera therapy in HK, when i know the affected zone will be in quite deep area underneath the skin near muscles, i am concerning... READ MORE

Are There Any Disfiguring Side Effects, Other then Temporary Welts, from Utherapy?

Are There Any Disfiguring Side Effects, Other then Temporary Welts, from Utherapy? READ MORE

If Ultherapy Affects the SMAS Layer What Will Happen when I Plan a Surgical SMASlift

I Ulterapy tightens the SMAS layer, how will this affect a surgical facelift with a SMAS procedure at a later stage. READ MORE

Ultherapy complications (Photo)

On 10/5 I received a full face ultherapy treatment. Standard recommended lines around eyes w/ DS 7-4.5 in the temples & above eyes was done, as well... READ MORE

Ultherapy: melting face effect, destroying subQ fat, aged look after treatment, etcetera... Any suggestions?

I've noticed a lot of reviews of people having severe complications and horrible results as a result of ultherapy. I've also notice that doctors who... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy be dangerous if the procedure was done too quickly?

In other words, if the muscles do not have time to relax in between contractions, could this be overkill, leading to complications? There are people... READ MORE

Is it possible for Ultherapy to leave you more saggy than before?

Is it possible for the results to be more sagging Vs tightening? How would that complication happen with this treatments? I'm getting a consult soon.... READ MORE

What is the most ulthera lines you have done for a browlift?

I am petite and was looking for a subtle brow-lift. The nurse gave me 60 lines on one brow and 30 on the other. I have complications now. Is this... READ MORE

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