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Ultherapy Vs Fraxel for Skin Tightening and Shrinking Pores

Hi, I am mid 40s & have aged pretty well, no wrinkles.BUT I have sagging in the jowl & neck & recently noticed my cheeks have started... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Ultherapy and Thermage?

What is the Difference Between Ultherapy and Thermage? READ MORE

Ultherapy vs. Titan - Which is More Effective for Skin Tightening?

Please Compare Ultherapy with Titan Procedure. Is one shown to be more effective than the other for skin tightening, in particular of the face and neck? READ MORE

Ulthera vs. other HIFU / Ultrasound machines?

I went to two doctors to compare ultrasound treatments. The first recommended using the original Ultherapy. The second uses the Doublo machine by a... READ MORE

Ulthera Vs Laser for Skin Tightening

I am a 54yr young looking female that takes good care of herself and her skin. I am considering ulthera vs laser for overall face/jaw/neck/chest... READ MORE

How does Alma's Laser Clearlift compare to Ultherapy?

Both claim to be lunchtime facelifts that stimulate collagen without injuring the skin on the surface. Clear lift recommends four treatments whereas... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs ThermiSF; which procedure will give the BEST result for skin tightening for jowls & top of the neck?

I am 64 and I have jowls and would like my jawline to look tighter,as well as,the top of my neck. I realize that Ultheraphy & Thermi are both... READ MORE

I'm just reading about Doublo, a Korean ultrasound, for face lifting and tightening, with similar results to Ultherapy. True?

Local doctor says results are like Ultherapy, but at discounted treatment price. I can't find any reviews that compare Doublo to Ultherapy. Most of... READ MORE

Ultherapy Vs. Refirme Vs. Accent XL for Thin Face

My face is fairly thin however I have pretty skin. I would like to do Ultherapy followed by Radiesse or Sculptra. I am open to one of the other... READ MORE

How Can Some Places Charge Up to a Thousand Less for Ulthera Than Others? Is There a Diff

I have seen ulthera for so much more (4000) in VA than in FLA or even Beverly Hills -- it costs like 2500 there -- all for the same thing!! How can... READ MORE

What is the difference between Ultherapy and the Ultra Neck Lift?

Looking for the options for a firmer jawline and to get rid of a small double chin. READ MORE

What Difference Between Ulthera Vs Regular Ultrasound Treatment(1-3mHz)?

What difference between ulthera vs regular ultrasound treatment(1-3mHz)? regular portable ultrasound is very cheap. so i wonder how difference. READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Marionette Lines/Naso Labial ? Pelleve or Ulthera?

I am just beginning to get Marionette lines, they have not yet formed into deep wrinkles, just the beginning of that fat pocket and indentation... READ MORE

Does Ultherapy Provide Better Results Than XL Accent, Thermage? (photo)and Laser Facelift Procedures?

I am looking at non-surgical facelift, and would like to know that which laser procedure provides better results. READ MORE

Ultherapy Vs Accent Laser?

Is Ultherapy better than Accent Laser treatment? What are the basic prices of each one? Are there other machines that are better than those produced... READ MORE

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