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How does Alma's Laser Clearlift compare to Ultherapy?

Both claim to be lunchtime facelifts that stimulate collagen without injuring the skin on the surface. Clear lift recommends four treatments whereas... READ MORE

What Percentage of the Time is a Nerve Hit During Ulthera Treatment?

How often is a nerve hit during Ulthera? I heard of a staff member in a doctor's office who's cheek was numb for a few months after having... READ MORE

How does collagen regenerate?

How does collagen regenerate. Everyone's different so how do you know yours will. Does smoking,drinking, and the Sun play a factor in collagen... READ MORE

Will taking prednisone decrease ulthera's ability to lay down new collagen?

2 weeks ago I had the ulthera procedure on face and around eyes. Yesterday, due to a back ailment, my ortho doc just prescribed prednisone for 2 weeks... READ MORE

Does Ulthera, as it goes past the fat layer to the SMS layer dissipate the facial fat? (Photo)

Is there any way to measure (test) this? Like with an ultrasound before and after? My understanding is that Collagen will be stimulated and that the... READ MORE

Other than vitamin C, what other supplement helps to build collagen prior to Ultherapy? Pycnogenol or astaxanthin? (Photo)

I am 51 years old and planning on doing full face and neck ultherapy in January. What else can I do to get my skin in optimum condition for the... READ MORE

Can you explain why Ultherapy often does not work?

I had Ultherapy last fall and after six months have seen absolutely no results whatsoever. I am 59 and it's certainly possible that I have very little... READ MORE

If Ultherapy "builds collagen" Why is everyone's head so small afterwards?

Does it shrink muscle , fat and cartilage? Does any of it come back to their original size? The bottom of my face was grotesquely thin, sucked in like... READ MORE

Is it necessary to take collagen drinks before/after Ultherapy?

Shall I take collagen drinks before/after Ultherapy if i'm thin and afraid there is not enough collagen or fat in the face for regeneration? READ MORE

Does Ultherapy affect Sculptra?

I have just had Ultherapy 2 weeks ago but have also had 3 injections of Sculptra , all 3 was completed from last year Dec. to this year Feb. , would... READ MORE

What's the difference between facial collagen and fat?

Ultherapy put a bunch of collagen over my gorgeous cheekbones. I'm post 7 mos and only getting worse. The results are making my cheeks look flat and... READ MORE

My face lost all fat from Ultherapy, and now I have collagen growth everywhere. I'm puffing up like a pumpkin.

Everyday it gets worse. I've told everyone that I am I'll and on steroids and have moved in with my mother. Month 7. Can I stop this, take steroids?... READ MORE

Is there any way to stop collagen growth?

I am at 6 mos post ultherapy and my looks are changing drastically, still. I my eye sockets ate appearing smaller and smaller due to collagen. Can I... READ MORE

What happens when Ultherapy stops working ? Is it drastic, like it starts falling?

Do the shortened collagen and muscle fibers start lengthening again? Is that why you need to keep doing it? Does it deflate all of a,sudden. Can some... READ MORE

Does fat regenerate or once it is gone it is gone?

I had good result from Ultherapy first year but now my skin on my neck is loose .. Not firm. No wrinkles but definitely fat loss.. I think more than... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs. Thermage CPT for area between brow and eye lid?

Which treatment is preferred for area between brown and eyelid? I do not need a lift in the actual brow, rather I need tightening and collagen... READ MORE

Ultherapy, how much application until it's considered too much?

I've been looking into ultherapy & have a question about frequency. Ultherapy is ultrasound energy that focuses deep beneath the skin and... READ MORE

Considering Ultherapy but am quite scared off by the "loss of fat" and "face melting" reviews?

I have some fine lines, crows feet. The place I went to suggested Ultherapy. I'm really worried about the reviews saying their face loss fat and face... READ MORE

Tretinoin cream vs. Ultherapy on a 30 year old male?

I am a 30-year old male. My goal is to look 5 years younger. I have been trying Tretinoin cream for a month now. It did improve my skin. I know I have... READ MORE

I have thick collagen growth over my sharp cheekbones, leaving me puffy and depressed. Is there anyway to get rid of this?

It's like a sleep mask of collagen, it's awful. I'm 7 mos post ultherapy, and this was my first symptom, before all the volume loss. Is there ANYTHING... READ MORE

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