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I need help. Ultherapy ruined my face. Can I get to back? No I do not and cannot do Botox. (Photo)

I was beautiful before ultherapy. 6 mos later, I am gaunt and any asymmetry I had us magnified 100x. Especially my eyes. They are small and miss... READ MORE

Ultherapy made my face so small and narrow. Will I go back to normal? (Photo)

It's been 6 months. I'm literally missing 30 percent of my face. It's so ugly. I'm all nose. I didn't look anything like this.I just did 2 juvederm in... READ MORE

Best treatment for wrinkles around mouth after Ulthera treatment?

I had Ulthera treatment around my mouth 6 months ago. I still have fine wrinkles around my mouth. What do you recommend to eliminate these wrinkles ? READ MORE

Pain from Ultherapy 6 Mos Later?

I had UT, 1 upper face txment. The pain and tenderness isn't near what it was up to 4 mos later, but I still have scalp and forehead... READ MORE

I did Ultherapy 6 mos ago. I have a thin face with big brown eyes. I look hard now. Will this wear off or is this my new face?

I am 41 big eyes, beautiful bone structure. My eyes aren't as pretty and now I'm too boney. Have I ruined myself or will things fall back into place?... READ MORE

Ultherapy; Does it wear off? Will my face go back to normal? It has been 6 mos and the result is very unflattering.

Can someone tell me if my face will loosen up and things will go back to normal. I want to look soft and friendly and sexy again. I look like skelator... READ MORE

Ultherapy made my eyes smaller and hooded. Can you tell me why this happened?

It's been 6 months. I just saw my before and afters. My eyes are now small and hooded. They were big, bright, and bushy-tailed looking. I've aged 5... READ MORE

Hair loss after ulthera?

I had ultherapy around six months ago and am pleased with the results . During the treatment it hurt like hell and felt like nerves were snapping all... READ MORE

What would you recommend to get these eyes back to how they were? Plastic and oculoplastic surgeons please reply (Photo)

This is 6 mos post ultherapy. There are dozens of us with ruined eyes after ultherapy. What surgeries do you suggest to get size and shape back? There... READ MORE

Major facial fat loss with folding skin on jaw; how do I make it stop?

I am 6 months post ultherapy and my face Has major fat loss! Especially jawline. My question is how can every doctor answer That ultherapy does not... READ MORE

Is there any way to stop collagen growth?

I am at 6 mos post ultherapy and my looks are changing drastically, still. I my eye sockets ate appearing smaller and smaller due to collagen. Can I... READ MORE

Why do Ultherapy results range from good to poor?

I had Ultherapy 6 months ago, done in a reputable plastic surgeons office. I do not see much improvement. I have read where this procedure is very... READ MORE

My eyes have become asian/almond shaped after ultherapy. I also have a droop in one eye now. Why does this happen? (Photo)

This entire treatment has been a disaster. I need Ptosis surgery in one eye but don't want to do it until I know if my natural eye shape will come... READ MORE

I had "over correction" with Ultherapy. What is the protocol for this? (Photo)

My eyebrows are super flat and tight against my head, and my eyes are being pulled. I guess I responded "too well" in a sense. It's very unattractive... READ MORE

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