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Remove Excess Skin and Fat Inplace of Tummy Tuck?

After gaining almost 80 pounds during my pregnancy and giving birth to a 10 pound baby, I have stretch that have faded to white and loose skin around... READ MORE

What is Best Solution to Belly Wrinkling, Loose Skin and I Guess Fat Deposits?

Hi. What is best solution to this wrinkling, loose skin and I guess fat deposits? 50yo, preg x2, c-sec x2. I work out but can't lose the... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck: Still Swollen and Wrinkled

I am 6 weeks out from a modified tt and mr. modified because i kept my bb. i look like i need a tt more than before the surgery and wish i could of... READ MORE

Is It Posible to Just Have Ur Belly Button Reshaped with out a Tummy Tuck?

I have very littel stretch marks but the most part that bothers me is my belly button it is very wrinkely READ MORE

6 Weeks Post- Modified Tummy Tuck. Skin is Still Wrinkled and Loose.

I am 6 weeks out from a modified tt and mr. modified because i kept my bb. i look like i need a tt more than before the surgery and wish i could of... READ MORE

Will the ripples at my Tummy Tuck scar smooth out? (photos)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair 10 days ago and I am horrified at what I see. I have so much wrinkling going on at the incision and I'm... READ MORE

I Just Want to Know if my Front Wrinkles Are Going to Go Away? (photo)

I thought my tummy was an easy fix and now I have this front wrinkles and just want to know and what other doctors think! If my front wrinkles well... READ MORE

Could body building unwrinkle the skin or is a tummy tuck my only option? (Photo)

I met with a laser lipo specialist (that's all he does) in Durham who informed me that I was fantastic candidate for a tummy tuck :-(. There weren't... READ MORE

Is There Such Thing As "Too Many" Stretchmarks for a Tummy Tuck?

I have tons of stretchmarks, below the belly button (which is no longer a belly button in my opinion) is mostly just wrinkled extra skin, however, I... READ MORE

5 feet tall, 102 lbs. I still have a pooch 2 years after having my child. Would I need a full or mini TT? (photo)

Hi my name is Dee,i am 21 and the mother of one 2 year old. I am 5 feet 0 inches tall and 102lbs.When i was pregnant i gained a healthy 25lbs and it... READ MORE

Will a Tummy Tuck Remove the Wrinkley Skin About 1.5 in my Belly Button? (photo)

Would a tummy tuck also remove the pregnancy induced wrinkled skin right over my belly button, and does it look like my scar could be 1/4inch into my... READ MORE

Was I mislead into to believing my tummy tuck was done correctly? (photos)

I am 5'2, 100lbs and 2 csection. My kids are 16 months apart. I went in to see the dr due to severe back and side pains. The diagnosis showed a real... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck-but Draping Skin Around Belly Button?

I went in for a tummy tuck. Nothing was ever mentioned about a mini tuck. I came out of surgery with the belly button-no stitches. The button is werid... READ MORE

5 days post-op I have wrinkled skin above the belly button after a floating belly button. Will I need a revision? (photo)

I am 5 days post op and my stomach looks great except for the wrinkled skin above my belly button. I know he did a floating belly button but my... READ MORE

Is there anyway to fix belly button after umbilical float Tummy tuck? (photos)

Is there anyway to fix belly botton after umbilical float tummy tuck? I had my tt almost two weeks ago and I feel like my surgeon left it way too low.... READ MORE

Thinking of Having a Tummy Tuck

I am going to be 24 this May and I have 2 kids. I want to get a TT due to having wrinkly tummy, strch marks and I want my flat stomach again. I do... READ MORE

2 months post op of Tummy Tuck, my left side has wrinkle skin. Is this normal? (photo)

I'm now 2 month post op and I'm so afraid don't know what to think anymore will this go away and will my skin smooth eventually READ MORE

Skin wrinkles from belly button down to pubic region: Do I Need a Tummy Tuck?

I have skin wrinkles inches past the belly button, all the way down to the pubic region. Some of them are half an inch wide. It was all because I had... READ MORE

10 weeks post-op, full tummy tuck with lipo. Is it normal that my sides are wrinkling and I'm getting stretch marks? (Photo)

I had notice that my sides are getting wrinkle and one of my side is getting a bulge, plus I'm getting stretch marks above my belly button is this... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck and liposuction done 4/1/14 in tijuana mexico. What are the wrinkles I have in my back? (photos)

What are the wrinkles I have in my back, I have asked my surgeon about my concerns and he thinks they will go away. I don't feel I am getting a clear... READ MORE

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