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Infected Incision 3 Weeks Post Op from Tummy Tuck. Should I Worry? (photo)

3 weeks ago I had a breast lift with implant, tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks. Attached is a picture of my tummy tuck incision. Is this something I... READ MORE

What Are the Signs of Wound Healing?

I had my TT and i have 2 openings in my incision (holes) i was wondering what are the signs that the wound is healing? does it heal from the inside... READ MORE

Is It Normal For My Wound To Be Oozing Post-Op? I'm Wearing A Girdle All Day.

I had my tummy tuck done two weeks ago I started to do massages on the 22nd of sept and the scar opened I little but I was very worried than I want to... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis After Tummy Tuck What to Do? Update (photo)

Thank you for the answers to a question about fat necrosis after TT I posted 15 days ago. Now I am worry again. My PS cut part of a scar making one... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck - Skin Necrosis and Wound Care (photos)

After surgery my surgeon said I would need wound care.Skin where the two incisions met was already black.It has been 3 weeks & now there are... READ MORE

Necrosis after tummy tuck (photos)

2 weeks post op started to have necrosis issues day 8-9. Went to PS yesterday for check up and had debridement done. Was told wet to dry dressings 2x... READ MORE

Necrosis and Sepsis After Tummy Tuck: How Long Until the Wound Heals Up?

I had full tummy tuck with lipo 2 weeks ago. i developed sepsis and necrosis of the skin and fatty tissue. the doctors decided not to debride the dead... READ MORE

Need help with surgery wound: When will the leaking of fluids stop? (photos)

I clean it 3 times a day as directed by my doctor, i apply silver Sulfate, i had my SX about a month ago out of the us, (currently looking for a... READ MORE

What is the Correct Way to Pack a Deep Wound on the Incision?

I'm 5 weeks post op but last week my dr had to get a stitch out and it became this deep hole wound. He just told me to pack it with gauze twice a... READ MORE

How long will it take for tummy tuck wound separation to heal? (photos)

I do not smoke, I eat pretty well, and am 39 years old. I am 5 weeks post tummy tuck and lipo. At two weeks I had wound separation. I understand it... READ MORE

How long will this wound dehiscence take to heal? (Photo)

I'm on regular daily wound care and antibiotics for an infected wound that occurred 2 1/2 weeks after my repair. The hole is 1cm deep and 4cm at the... READ MORE

Puckering Scar After Abdominoplasty?

I had abdominoplasty and liposuction approximately 3 months ago. My post-operative course was complicated by a seroma, fat necrosis and, ultimately... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Scar Wound? (photo)

I want opinions on what this is. I have been to my doctor and he says to was with soap and water and use Iodine solution (Benydine) 3 times a day. It... READ MORE

Problems with Wound Healing After Tummy Tuck.

Had lapband in 07 & lost 90 lb. After a TT & BL in 2/11 I had had 1 spot near umbilicus that hasn't healed. Fluid builds up around... READ MORE

Am I in the process of healing? I had skin necrosis after the procedure and I see black parts developing again. (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 5 weeks ago , I don't smoke, I don't have diabetics, but I was sadly surprise with skin necrosis after the procudere. My PS cleaned... READ MORE

12 days post-op TT: Major wound separation (Photo)

I started having a yellow discharge on the 4th day post TT. Later on the 6th day post surgery I noticed an opening on my incision.I went to go see my... READ MORE

What should I put on my open wound after my TT in the Dominican Republic? (photo)

I had my tt in Dominican Republic with a good doctor. This is my Tt now after 6 weeks. Is there anything I can put on my open wound? Am sending... READ MORE

14 Days out and Horrified at the Separation and Tearing. Is It Common and What Are my Options? (photo)

Thought have been tearing. Dr said im oversensitive and is fine. At 2 wks po. See tears along incision ripping up. Told me put med adhesive on the... READ MORE

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