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Concerned About the Look of my Recent Tummy Tuck

Hello I am 10 days post-op from a suction abdominoplasty with lipo to the flanks. My surgeon does not use drains, instead the quilting technique. It... READ MORE

I Was Told Two Different Things at Two Consultations?

I have been to 2 consultants and both told me diff things 1 said I should try and lose more weight, witch I can do, the other said he doesent think it... READ MORE

What is Your Opinion Regarding the 'No Drains, No Pain Pump' Abdominoplasty Technique?

I have been researching the different techniques used for abdominoplasty and would like to get the the opinion from a PS's point of view on the 'no... READ MORE

Why Am I Not So Swollen After Extended Tt with No Drains?

I am almost two weeks post op after an extended abdominoplasty with no drains. i do wear my Spanx 24/7 except in the shower. I was expecting much more... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Post Op Day 5, Bit of Fluid?

Hi I had a drain less tummy tuck 5 days ago. My tummy is flat and looking good but I have noticed a small amount of fluid like quishing between my... READ MORE

My Dr Thinks I Have Hematoma After FTT Avelar No Drains with? (photo)

FTT avelar no drains with water lipo abs, back, flanks, and hips. I am 5'3"", 46 yo, 155 pre op and now 154.6 Post op. I am 13 days PO,. I saw my Dr... READ MORE

Im 2 Wks Post Op and the Bottom of my Tummy is As Hard As Rock and Under my Incision is Really Hard and Hurts is This Normal?

Sorry forgot to mention it was a tummy tuck i had. I had it done in Poland so going back isn't really a option. i had no drains put in so could it be... READ MORE

Had a Full TT Five Weeks Ago and Am Now Having a Sudden Constant Sharp Pain in Upper Left Abdomen?

I had no-drain TT and it has now been 5 weeks and I'm having a sudden sharp constant pain in my upper left abdomen associated with more swelling but... READ MORE

What is happening when I go out in the cold, my skin feels like it's shrinking to half it's size and I'm so tight and rigid?

I'm 2 days shy of 4 wks PO from a drainless TT with MR and lipo to back and flanks. The cold weather has been bothering me since the beginning. When I... READ MORE

Drainless tummy tuck without progressive tension sutures?

I met with a board certified plastic surgeon who explained to me that you don't need progressive tension sutures for a drainless tummy tuck. He said... READ MORE

Can a Pull off a Tummy Tuck with Very Little Help?

Young and fit single parent considering a drainless tummy tuck at the start of a 9 day school vacation with children home, ages 11, 7 and 16 months.... READ MORE

Hard lump above my TT incision, don't want to miss window of opportunity for early treatment if possible! (Photo)

I'm 4 wks post op full TT w/o drains. I've had 2 check ups at 1 week and 3 weeks po. Everything looked fine at 1 wk, but a few days later I noticed... READ MORE

Difference in look of abdominal strain in drainless Tummy Tuck?

While researching, I've come across some doctors who perform the drainless tummy tuck and am curious if the additional internal stitching gives a... READ MORE

Swelling VS Seroma. Not sure what to do. Should I just wait it out?

I'm 3 weeks post op drainless tummy tuck and I've had this fluid below my belly button since surgery. I've been reading that swelling is supposed to... READ MORE

No drain Tummy tuck problems. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a min. invasive TT for skin removal after weight loss. I worked out with a trainer 1 1/2 yrs 3 x week-cardio 6 xweek prior TT. i was very slim... READ MORE

What is this bump above my belly button? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck 16 weeks ago with muscle repair and no lipo or drains. I have a tightness and what feels like a ball under my skin above belly... READ MORE

Is a seroma common after a drainless Tummy tuck?

I have had two aspirations already. The first had about 160 cc of tinged fluid and the second 3 days later had 75cc. I am going in this morning for my... READ MORE

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